45 cute and inspirational quotes from Disney Princess

Disney Princess may be the realm of children’s cinema, but these fictional women also convey many wonderfully empowering sayings. You have to look at them carefully! That said, I’ve put together a cute and inspirational quote from Cinderella to Mulan to Merida. These women may be fictitious, but their voices definitely resonate.

45 cute and inspirational quotes from Disney Princess

“The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work.” — Tiana

“Believe you can, then you will.” — Mulan

“Our destiny lives within us. You just need to be brave enough to see it.” — Merida

“Only when you lose everything can you truly evaluate everything.” — Bell

“Listen with your heart. You will understand.” –Pocahontas

“I’m not an award winner.” — Jasmine

“Make your power shine.” — Rapunzel

“Find your humanity! Have you ever dreamed?” — Rapunzel

“Believe in your dreams. Someday your rainbow will shine.” — Cinderella

“The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work.” — Tiana

“No, I won’t stop. Every minute I fight for the rest of my life.” — Rapunzel

“I want to adventure somewhere bigger. I want more than I expected. And it might be great to get people to understand that once someone wants much more than I have planned. Hmm. “— Bell

“I’m a maiden. I’m suffering. I can handle this. Good morning!” — Meg

“The day will come when I don’t have to be a princess. There are no rules or expectations. A day when something can happen. A day when you can change your destiny.” — Merida

“I just don’t know how far I’m going.” — Moana

“Remember that when the raindrops roll, you are the one who can fill the world with the sun.” –Snow White

“You control your destiny — you don’t need magic to do it.” — Merida

“What about a girl who has a brain and always speaks her head?” — Mulan

“I’m like a shooting star. I’m here. I can’t go back to where I was before.” — Jasmine

“My dad never got what he wanted. But he had what he needed. He had love! He never loses sight of what really matters. And I wouldn’t do that either! ”—Tiana

“If you dream many times, you will surely come true.” — Aurora

“Write our own story, follow our hearts, and find love in our own time.” — Merida

These Disney princesses have one thing in common. It means that you can never stop dreaming and achieve it on your own terms. Want to read more quotes from your favorite Disney movies? Here are some other cute inspirational quotes from Kung Fu Panda that you might like! After all, you never make a mistake with Po!

45 Cute Inspirational Quotes From Disney Princesses

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