45% Off Black Friday Humble Choice Premium

If you can believe it, Black Friday is almost approaching us, and the deal is already moving around just waiting for a chance to strike. Humble Bundle launches a good game today and offers 45% off an annual subscription to our monthly gaming service. This is 5% more overall than what we offered in the summer. So now you can get a year’s worth of Humble Choice Premium for £ 143 / $ 180 to £ 82/99 / year.

The annual amount still looks pretty big on its own, but the monthly amount is about £ 7 / $ 9, which isn’t bad at all. Please note that this offer must be obtained by November 30th next week, but is only available to first-time subscribers.

Humble Choice Premium is the top tier of Humble’s monthly subscription service. Every month, you’ll be able to keep 9 games for free (forever!) And get a 20% discount on other games purchased from the Humble Store.

Humble Choice Premium is typically priced at £ 143 / $ 180 per year, but this 45% off deal offers the exact same subscription for £ 2 / $ 99. Please note that this is a regular sub and Humble will automatically renew just one year after you first subscribe, at which point you will be charged the regular £ 143 / $ 180 price. ..

If you decide to sign up for Humble Choice this month, there are some very good games offered. The November selection includes Yakuzaki Wami 2, Darksiders 3, Darkwood, Little Miss Fortune, and much more. Check out the complete list here.

If you’re looking for more Humble Deals but don’t like your subscription, check out the Humble Store Fall Sale instead. Until December 1st, you can get lots of games with up to 90% off. Some highlights include 50% off Dark Souls: Remastered and a whopping 67% off Doom Eternal’s Deluxe Edition (playing the old Doom with the Year One Season Pass and classic weapon sound packs included. You can pretend to be). ), 67% off Borderlands 3 of similar size, 20% off Ikenfell, 70% off The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

However, if you want to get one of Humble’s best bundles, it might be worth a look at the Sweet Farm Fall Bundle (available until December 1st) or the Fall VR Bundle (available until tomorrow). not. November 24th).

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Get 45% off Humble Choice Premium for Black Friday

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