4A game is exploring the idea of ​​multiplayer metro

Last year, Metro Exodus proved that the series could crawl out of past underground tunnels and successfully open up new homes to explore the ground. So what’s next for this brave new world? Apparently a lot. Developer 4A Games is in its 10th year since the series started and has released an update that says there’s a lot to do with the plate. They are working on the next Metro series game, tinkering with the concept of multiplayer Metro and staffing in a whole new series.

As a starting point, 4A states, “It’s a well-known fact that we’re already working on the next metro game.” They are overhauling the game engine to take advantage of new technologies such as increased storage space and ray tracing capabilities. “We are committed to providing a great story-driven single-player experience, which is the foundation of the Metro series,” they add.

That leads to the second bit of news. 4AGames was acquired by Sabre Interactive earlier this year and this year is one of many other acquisitions by the Embracer Group (which just acquired 11 other studios last week). At that time, they briefly mentioned Metro’s future multiplayer.

Currently, 4A is trying to ease concerns about what this means for the series. They say multiplayer has always been a studio ambition and never goes beyond prototyping, which Sabre Interactive can help.

“First of all, I’m listening to your concerns. I’m not thinking of seeing multiplayer as a boxtic exercise or jumping into trends and trends. As a creator, it makes perfect sense in the Metro world. I want to explore a multiplayer experience.

“We also promise to ensure that whatever we do, it doesn’t undermine single-player ambitions. We need a dedicated team focused solely on online components. This is what the new partnership with Saber brings. Years of expertise, technology and know-how to help us realize our ambitions. “

They also remind fans that the studio’s multiplayer plan is still an early concept. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the next Metro game will be multiplayer only, or that the single-player Metro game they are working on will have parallel online components. Really, it sounds like they are in the prototyping stage again. “We still understand things, but we know we’re definitely working on a single-player story-driven experience in the Metro Universe that fans have come to know and love,” they say. I will.

Finally, 4A looks beyond Metro. “We want to grow ourselves by exploring new projects and new IPs,” they say. “In 2017, we released Arktika.1, an SFFPS for the Oculus Rift. This is the first step towards our goal of becoming a multi-project studio. We are now putting this ambition alongside the Metro series. We want to grow into another new AAA experience where you can sit. ”That’s why they’re hiring in two studios.

For a little more detail, see 4A Games 10th Anniversary Studio Update.

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4A Games are working on the next Metro game, exploring multiplayer, and a new series

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