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This year marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Metro 2033, and developer 4A Games celebrates Occassion with a wide range of new blog posts that touch on future plans, including new IPs, a new multiplayer experience in the Metro universe, and upcoming free appointments. I did. -Metro Exodus gen update.

The next-generation update will be available to owners of existing Metro Exodus Xbox One and PS4 digital and physical versions later next year, with significant enhancements to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, including ray tracing and fast frame rates. Will be introduced. , Improved resolution, and reduced load.

Beyond Metro Exodus, 4A reaffirmed that a new metro game is under development in the studio for next-generation consoles and PCs. We’re working on a complete engine and renderer overhaul “to take advantage of the new power, storage, and hardware-supported ray tracing provided by the new console,” although we’re not ready to share the details yet. Make fun of that.

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In addition to the story-driven single-player experience known for the Metro series, 4A “actively explores the concept of multiplayer” in the Metro universe with the help of World War Z developer Sabre Interactive. It states that there is. This is “always ambitious” for the studio, but “I couldn’t commit before.”

“Every time I hear a mention of multiplayer, I know that some fans are worried,” the developer added. “Seeing multiplayer as a box-tick practice, trending and trending. “We’re definitely working on a more single-player story-driven experience in the metro world,” before guaranteeing “don’t ride.”

“We need a dedicated team focused solely on online components. This is what our new partnership with Saber brings. Years of expertise, technology and know-how help us realize our ambitions. . “

4A says that multiplayer is still in its infancy, “All of the above ideas are that the next metro game will be multiplayer only, or that the next game will have single player and multiplayer in the same package. It doesn’t mean that. “

4A finished the latest studio update and said, “I look forward to working on Metro for years to come, but I want to grow myself by exploring new projects and new IPs.” It states. To that end, we are currently adopting a new AAA experience that allows you to “sit side by side with the Metro Series” and career information is in the latest blog post.


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