4K gift set with back to the future hoverboard on sale

Updated December 7, 2020: Back to the Future 35th Anniversary 4K Blu-ray Gift Set with Hoverboard for Sale on Amazon. The original transaction article is displayed below.

Despite the fact that the most popular movie in the series, Part 2, is terribly outdated, Back to the Future movies are a timeless classic. In the second movie, the future of flying cars, self-racing shoes, and hoverboard 2015 has never been promised, but that’s not a problem. Back to the Future 2 in 2015 goes back to the past every day, but seems to be fascinating and hopeful. The 35th Anniversary Set of the Back to the Future trilogy presents them in 4K for the first time. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get this amazing trilogy set, as both the PS5 and Xbox Series X support 4K Blu-ray disc playback on models with optical media drives.

Pre-order back to the future 4K Blu-ray set with hoverboard

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Target Blu-ray and Amazon 4K editions of the Back to the Future Gift Set include:

  • All three original movies
  • Movie digital code
  • Blu-ray bonus disc with special features
  • Collectable packages
  • Levitate a funny hoverboard replica

Even if you don’t plan to buy an Xbox Series X or PS5 at launch, it’s still worth the set as it includes Blu-ray and digital copies of all three movies. The Steelbook version is also very good, so it’s easy for Steelbook collectors. No matter which edition you decide to pre-order, I personally recommend that you act early rather than later. Amazon has already passed the allocated pre-order inventory and shows a trilogy that is temporarily unavailable for at least one day. Hopefully manufacturing has increased to meet demand.

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