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5 Anti-Inflation Recipes to Help Save Grocery This Christmas

Every family has one vegetarian (probably vegan) who has a special customized supper for Christmas. Whether it’s tofurkey or some vegetable casserole, most of our carnivores cross the table and how to do it, turkey, ham, gravy, Meat.

But if we all can eat like this Christmas grocery, we may be able to save on grocery money. This is because inflation has pushed the prices of the three largest beef, chicken and pork companies to fairly unsustainable levels.

The top culprit is beef top sirloin cut and bacon, with an increase of 55.4% per kilo and 20.2% per 500 grams, respectively. Chicken breast is 11.7% higher than last year, and chicken thigh is about 10.6% higher. Even a dozen eggs are more expensive (6.5%), as are 1 liter of milk (8.1%), 1 liter of cream (10.5%), and 454 grams of butter (8%).

However, vegetable inflation is fairly low. Tomato prices were down 20.7% year-on-year, celery was down 12.2%, cabbage was down 9.5% and broccoli was down 3.9%. Both onions and cucumbers are down 0.7%, and only carrots and peppers are 4.1% and 5.5% higher than last year, respectively.

I’m not going to talk about turkey dishes this year, but if you want to save money on the included plates, here are some recipes that are less susceptible to inflation than meat.

1. Broccoli gratin

No matter what vegetables you use, gratin is delicious. Most of the ingredients here are fairly inflation resistant, such as broccoli, garlic, bread crumbs and onions. Others, such as milk and cheese, are more expensive than usual, but cheaper than cooking meat-based tortillas.

Canadian dairy farmers have quick and easy recipes here..

2. Vegetarian Tour Thiers

Who is Tortiere who says he can’t cook this year? Replacing meat with potatoes and more celery can make your favorite cheap alternative for this holiday. Bags of potatoes will cost more this year than last year, but probably potatoes are cheaper than minced beef.

Canadian living There are exquisite recipes here.. If you don’t want to try the shell, you can always buy your own crust.

3. Mushroom Wellington

Another Canadian favorite, Beef Wellington, adds a vegetarian twist. mushroom Wellington. The chopped mushrooms in this recipe resemble the texture of beef tenderloin, but you probably won’t feel full with this extra vegetable stuffing.

check out Canadian taste Simple recipe Of Mushroom Wellington.

4. Roasted carrots in mustard vinaigrette

A perfect side dish for mushroom wellingtons and vegetarian tortillas. This roasted carrot recipe may be the most affordable Christmas meal. All you need is carrots, Dijon mustard, olive oil, and some fresh herbs, and you have everything you need.

Check this out recipe on Canadian living Let’s see how easy this dish is.

5. Spinach and walnut white and wild rice pilaf

For those who want more side dishes, chopped spinach leaves, toasted walnuts, and pilaf with sautéed onions may be perfect. Like the recipe above, the ingredients in this dish are almost completely anti-swelling.

Check out to see what you need to cook white and wild pilaf Canadian living recipe here..


Inflation has different implications for each region. Carrot prices can fall in some areas, but can rise in others. But given that meat prices are skyrocketing almost everywhere, these vegetarian recipes will certainly help you save money.

5 Anti-Inflation Recipes to Help Save Grocery This Christmas 5 Anti-Inflation Recipes to Help Save Grocery This Christmas

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