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Pass rushers will want money this offseason, and Matt Judong is no exception when it comes to hitting the free agent market.

One thing about playing with franchise tags is that they want their production to be good, but not so good where they demand the top dollars next order to Baltimore Ravens, Outside the linebacker Matt Judong A perfect example.

Former Grand Valley State University star was released in 2019 with the departure of Z’Darius Smith. Baltimore ended the year with a career-leading 9.5 sack and tagged him to maintain the 2020 playoffs.

The overall number has decreased. Judong couldn’t force the fumble, counting only 6 bags to go with 51 tackles.his Pro football focus The score also dropped from 70.5 to 59.4.

But hey, he’s a pass rusher. They are going to get paid.

Judong is looking for a deal of approximate value $ 16.5 million According to reports, every season. That number means he may be looking for a one-year contract or eventually spend less time playing for a few years. In any case, all five rosters need to be upgraded from the edge.

Where did Matt Judong land in 2021?


Arizona Cardinal

NFC West

The 8-8 season is promised in Arizona if you have 7 weeks left in the year and you haven’t sat 6-3. Now Cliff Kingsbury has to put on his big boy’s pants to prove that he is the right man to work in the desert.

Arizona’s overall pass rush is fine. Chandler Jones is a stud and Markus Golden named himself before leaving the free agent. In last season’s tradeback, he finished with 4.5 sack this year.

Golden is a free agent this offseason and could chase the ring at the age of 29. In that case, Judong is a great alternative and will probably be an overall upgrade. Imagine pairing Jones, Judon, and Isaiah Simmons in a three-person Blitz package. That’s scary for quarterbacks behind bad attack lines.

The Cardinal has entered March and has a cap space of just over $ 11 million. They may only be able to sign once this offseason, but the addition of a pass rusher will soon be a factor in the success of the defense.

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5 best for NFL2021 free agents 5 best for NFL2021 free agents

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