5 Common Weightlifting Myths You Should Stop Believing

If you’ve already read a myriad of articles on the internet before taking the first step towards weightlifting, many questions may come to your mind. Furthermore, the nature of the content obtained online is inconsistent and confusing. The most common is the need for gym membership to lift weights.

In a fast-growing country, it’s time to leave these myths and a series of false information, along with some facts shared by certified professionals. So here we share some common myths that are circulating on the internet about strength training.

Myth # 1: Weightlifting makes women bulky

Fortunately, this is not true for all the women out there! Women’s body muscles have a different composition than men. In fact, weightlifting in combination with aerobic exercise helps women lose fat. Start with a minimum of 2 kg and gradually increase the set and the person in charge with the weight.

Myth # 2: No pain = no profit

You’ve probably heard this hundreds of millions of times! If your body hurts or your muscles hurt, your workout is working. Ideally, that’s not true. Myalgia is common at first, but can be relieved within the recovery period. But sometimes it can also be due to incorrect posture or excessive exercise. Rest and recovery are just as important in weightlifting and strength training. In the case of extreme pain, you need to rest and recover.

Myth # 3: Lift a light weight to a tense muscle

This is commonly known as the “pink dumbbell myth”.The fact is to lift Lighter weights for higher rep help you build muscle endurance, and it has a place for training routines, but its lean, clear look from losing body fat come. Therefore, weight always depends on your fitness goals, but you should try different personnel and weight ranges to get results.

Myth # 4: Elderly people should not lift weights

This is not entirely true. Elderly people can lift weights, considering that weights and personnel need advice from certified trainers. Older people also need to keep in mind their medical condition, risk factors, and everything. Most importantly, you should consult your doctor before starting your training routine!

Myth # 5: Need a gym

That’s not true! No need to empty your pockets and sign up for expensive gyms and services. All you need is dedication to your goals! Surprisingly, you can train even in the small corners of your room. Your body itself is a gym. You can start with weight training to break the ice. All you need to take it one step further is a pair of dumbbells or barbell curls to transform your body.

These were some of the common myths I have encountered so far. How about you Have you heard anything in these lines? Share them with us in the comments below and start destroying some myths together!

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