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To say that 2020 is a normal year is a big understatement. It wasn’t normal. With a global epidemic and two blockades, everyone is hooked. That said, the media of video games has come as a welcome remedy for everyone in these difficult times. The factor of escapism has never been so important. Not only for spending time, but also for mental health.

It’s now a mixed year when it comes to games. There were many great releases, but there were many delays due to the pandemic. For example, see Cyberpunk 2077.

But I take the worst of what the game is doing at the current event, turn it into fun, and prove that we’ve seen it come out of all of this. I have never seen it.

5 dates The latest interactive movie game from the studio. “Welsh interactive‘. Their previous work included the stellar thriller “Bunker”, the robbery thriller “Midnight”, and the amazing (and topical) “Complex”, all of which I fully enjoyed.

‘First premise5 dates‘Is easy. You (or Vinny’s character) sign up for an online dating app and choose to date one of Maya, Grace, Saffron, Shaina or Paige. Currently, what makes this game relevant to what’s happening in the world is that it’s set during the first national blockade in the UK.

When you start a new game, you will be set up with the task of setting up Vinny’s date profile. You can choose the profile picture to use, his profession, three interests, and the constellations. Depending on the choices you make, it will have a narrative impact on the game. For example, if you choose your profession to be healthcare, your best friend will praise you for doing a great job as a key worker. All your dates also refer to this.

In terms of gameplay, you can choose from a total of 5 characters so far, but only 3 can be tracked. Next, we will have a series of dates with each character. On your first date, you will get to know the character through the choice of dialogue path, and follow up with reports with your best friend / Wingman. Then you will be asked to select the two you want to have a second date and leave one. After the second date is over, then you need to choose the person you like best.

This makes replays more valuable the more you feel you need to know more about these characters in each playthrough. When you reach the end, you will join a new game and choose another start 3.

This is what I like about Welsh Interactive and its games, playability and divergent stories. Each playthrough is different and the characters are so well written and interesting that you will want to connect with them (as if you knew them personally) and want to know more about them. I found this while playing “The Complex”. I repeated it over and over and found different story paths for each. The same applies to the “five dates”. There are over 766 scenes to display in this game, only 377 in all playthroughs. So there is your reason to play it over and over again.

I enjoyed this game. Mainly because of the story and the cast of interesting characters, but also how it made me feel. It did its best from the bad situation. This year was crazy and I can’t deny it. Still, it’s a year that we all will never forget. Who remembers standing outside the door and applauding for the NHS’s hard work? This game deals directly by including it in the scene. It wasn’t the best this year, but I feel like I’ve found a way to bring everyone together.

Well, if it’s not a good video game message, I don’t know what it is.

5 dates Get a solid 10/10 and it’s available for £ 9.99 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC and Mac.

5 dates Available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC

This review is based on the Xbox version of the game and can be purchased here for £ 9.99.

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Five Dates Review

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