5 Essential Items Needed by All New Dog Owners

If you finally decide when to keep a dog, this may have been a long-planned plan, or you may have unexpectedly fallen in love with the dog during the blockade. Regardless of your situation, some things you will need to help your new addition settle down in their new home and make your new life as a dog owner smoother. there is.

Thankfully, we’ve devised a list of essential items you’ll need to start your new puppy parental journey.

Dog food

If you want them to grow big and strong, your new puppy needs to eat. For novice dog owners, deciding what to give to a furry friend can be a little overwhelming. Choosing a reputable dog food brand like Earthborn Holistic is often a good place to start. However, if your puppy had a previous owner or breeder, talk to your puppy to find out what kind of diet your dog is accustomed to. Remember that sudden changes in your diet can cause havoc in your dog’s digestive system, so do some research.

Food & water bowl

Dogs need a dog bowl

Now you have some grabs on your furry friends, keep in mind that they will need something to eat outside. Also, don’t forget to rehydrate. Be sure to buy high quality food and water made of durable materials. Stainless steel is a good choice when it comes to dog bowls as it is easy to clean and lasts a lifetime. If you have a dog with little impulse regulation, buying a slow-feeding bowl can simplify the feeding process.

Bed (and some extra blankets)

Your dog may be a small ball of energy, but they eventually get tired. When they do, you will need to have a nice comfortable dog bed where they can take a nap. Having some extra blankets on hand doesn’t hurt, especially when the weather is cold. Be sure to get a durable one, as dogs love to chew things and don’t have to fork immediately for a new bed.

Tagged collar

Ideally, you should always attach a microchip to your pet. However, if you decide to go walk about without looking, it’s a good idea to tag it with a collar for easy identification. Make sure the dog’s name and phone number are displayed. That way, if your dog gets lost, you can easily reunite without making a fuss.

Chains and harnesses

Your little pills need to go out for daily exercise. A fine leash and a sturdy harness are essential items for dog training and sometimes make it easier to keep your dog close to you. Your dog is likely to grow over time, so try to find a harness that is adjustable and can handle a small amount of growth.


Dogs need toys

Toys are a great way to keep your dog entertained at home, and many of them don’t require a lot of effort to keep your dog entertained. The dog toy market is growing so fast that when it comes to finding something that makes your dog crazy, you’re content with your choice. From traditional favorites such as tennis balls, rope toys and frisbees to more sophisticated items such as dog brain training puzzles, the choices are endless.

Some important things to keep in mind when choosing a toy for your dog are safety and durability. First, you need to make sure that the material of the item is not toxic or harmful to your dog. If your dog is fine, it is wise to buy a toy that is very durable and will last for a long time.

Now that you have a list of your essentials, you’re ready to start your puppy parenting journey. It’s time to shop. Have fun and don’t stress too much. Being a dog owner can be stressful at times, but the fun quickly outweighs all the hard work you need to do.

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5 Essential Items Every New Dog Owner Needs

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