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Which of the free agents currently on the market can help the Carolina Panthers in the remaining 14 games of the 2021 season?

The Carolina Panthers sample size is now correct. This is another dramatic start to the 2021 season for Matt Roll, who now boasts a 3-0 record following his Thursday Night Football victory. Houston Texans Another bumper in front of a national audience.

More is expected Panthers This season – second head coach Matt Rhule. But, as expected, the first three weeks were a mixture of about the same amount of encouragement and concern.

That said, Carolina is showing signs of life, and post-season berth may not be entirely out of the question.I also have Panthers $ 20.77 million With the rest of the salary cap space, if you want to enhance their options with someone remaining in the free agent market where they can provide immediate assistance.

With this in mind, here are five players who might be interested if the Panthers go in this particular direction and choose to lengthen their preparation for the game in Week 4. Dallas Cowboys..

Free agent No.1

Carolina Panthers

(Mark J. Levirus-USA TODAY Sports) David Decastro

David Decastro-OG

Although highly dependent on David DeCastro’s health, the Carolina Panthers will give far worse results than finding out how an ankle injury has healed and whether they are interested in playing this season. There is a possibility.

Decastro left his future in the air after Rheinman was released Pittsburgh Steelers.. The former first round pick enjoys an outstanding career and may come to the conclusion that the juice is no longer worth squeezing.

Carolina’s problem with interior pass protection was visible to everyone in the first three games. So if you don’t want to rely on the rookie, you need to sign someone like Decastro.

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5 free agents that may be useful after the 3rd week 5 free agents that may be useful after the 3rd week

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