5 Most Practical Superhero Uniforms (& 5 Most Practical)

One of the most famous elements of a superhero movie is the costume that the character wears when performing missions. Their journey to develop these uniforms is sometimes slow, as Iron Man continues to work on his suit in his first solo film, but memorable costumes come to life. I’m happy to see it.

But the adaptation of the movie makes a difference. It doesn’t matter if the comic book outfit isn’t suitable for time and aesthetics. MCU, Or the tone of the movie. Through this process, some great success is brought about and a practical and memorable uniform that emphasizes the character’s actions and powers is created, but with some mistakes, it seems unsuitable for the purpose. It leads to a practical outfit.

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Updated June 30, 2022 by Stacy Luke: As a Disney + show Ms Marvel As proven, it takes time to properly obtain a superhero costume. For Kamala Khan, this could be developing a cosplay costume or her own unique look, but in any case, the MCU’s most practical superhero costume is when showing off the hero’s personality and identity. Is the best.

Practical costume

Captain America Stealth Suit

Captain America wears various star-studded suits for use in many heroic situations, such as the stealth missions he undertakes as a member of SHIELD, whether he follows the rules or rebels. I have. Captain America: The Winter Soldier..

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The color of this outfit is very subdued compared to the usual ensemble of caps, but it works in terms of matching the spy-oriented tones of the movie and allowing him to blend in with the shadows. .. In addition to its practicality, the uniform is still a Captain America brand, and the details across the front match his bright suit.

Hulk elastic pants

The annoying logistics of converting the Bruce Banner to the Hulk and returning again the avengersWhen Bruce noticed that he had crashed into a warehouse and was completely naked.

Fortunately The smartest character on the MCUBruce was able to solve this problem quickly by developing and wearing elastic pants. These make the transition of heroes during and after combat much smoother. It’s not the iconic bright purple pants worn in comics, but it does provide a similar visual.

Spatula helmet

Cate Blanchett as Spatula in Thor Ragnarok

The appearance of the helmet that the spatula is wearing Thor: Ragnarok It suggests that it is not practical, but in reality, the goddess uses it very effectively.

Its size and sharp edges have been shown not only to provide protection against those who attack her, but also to be used aggressively. The helmet will regenerate as soon as Thor cuts a portion of it. The MCU villain’s biggest power display With disastrous consequences for Thor and Asgard, Hera’s smart apparel mimics the threat she poses.

Captain Marvel’s Super Suit

MCU Captain Marvel.

Carol Danvers has a super suit that is bold and suitable for her fierce battle and is probably one of the most fierce battles. Comic-The exact costume of the MCUTakes the hero’s look from page to screen, keeping the style of her red, gold and blue outfits intact.

Captain Marvel’s suits are durable yet unique, providing mission-friendly tools such as foldable helmets that allow you to breathe in space or underwater, and devices that can identify unfamiliar objects.

Black panther suit

The Vibranium Black Panther suit used by T’Challa is a sophisticated design costume designed to last a long time, providing a high level of protection for your hero.

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There are some nonsensical elements of tradition around the vibranium, but the Black Panther uniform is impressive, incorporating vibranium claws, and after some moderation by Shuri, T’Challa. Not only does it materialize from the necklace, but it also has the ability to redistribute what has been preserved. Energy.

Impractical costume

Mysterio motion capture costume

Spider-Man: Far From Home Mysterio in a motion capture suit

Mysterio’s face may look scary at first, but when it turns out that he’s actually a scam that uses motion capture technology to establish his hero, his Mo-Cap suit Has many requests.

In addition to the disappointing reality of this look, it’s also an unrealistic choice on the part of Mysterio, and if Peter Parker could see through his illusions, he would be little or no protected and ultimately fraudulent. It leads to his death when the drone accidentally shoots him.

Scarlet witch corset

Battle of the Scarlet Witch's Revenge

Scarlet Witch’s MCU costume is a movie WandavisionBut the ensemble she wears on both Captain America: Civil War When Avengers: Infinity War Includes a strange corset top.

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The silhouette of this piece with the addition of a coat may mimic the silhouette of a comic book leotard or cape, but the corset is an inappropriate choice in terms of mobility and for fashion rather than function. It seems that he was frustrated and chosen.

Hawkeye sleeveless apparel

Costume worn by Hawkeye the avengers Overwhelming and unrealistic. The colorless uniform should be in contrast to his bright cartoon ensemble, but this suit also makes little sense.

The lack of sleeves is completely embarrassing, exposing the arm to attack and making it unsuitable for many climates. This is also unnecessary, given that some of Hawkeye’s most hitting combat scenes have been shown to be fully fireable in more covered and realistic outfits.

Black widow zip catsuit

Black Widow Iron Man 2 Infiltration Hammer

Another costume close to the origin of the comic is the Black Widow catsuit. This is because Natasha easily blends into the shadows Essential MCU Avenger Infiltrate all kinds of top secret places.

However, there are drawbacks to the design. Its zip-up front is completely impractical for the amount of acrobatics used in combat styles and provides little security when flipping back and forth or engaging in combat.

Pietro’s athletic wear

Given that Pietro’s stint as Speedster’s Quiksilver has been shortened, it makes sense that his outfit hasn’t been developed anymore, but the uniform he chose to wear at the Battle of Sokovia. Gives him no protection.

Given the nature of his abilities, the athletic look of his outfit makes sense, but the uniform leaves Pietro completely exposed to attack. Avengers: Age of Ultron..

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Robert Pattinson in the Batman and Batman Cemetery scene

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