5 Nights at Freddie: Help Wanted Now Available on Xbox One

yet HalloweenYeah? With the release of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted on Xbox One, Halloween isn’t the only sneak peek at you. In fact, this definitive collection of famous franchises will find you never feel lonely. Of course, in the creepiest way possible.

For those who don’t know, Five Nights at Freddie’s is a series hunted down by the animatronics you live in. No longer happy to entertain kids, the scary, Chuck E. Cheese Knockoff collection doesn’t stop to end you.

Really, this is a five night game that should delight fans and newcomers alike. Featuring horrifying encounters from various mini-game hosts and the entire series, there’s plenty of classic content to make you scream stupid. It involves seeing where everything started and jumping into the latest horrors offered. Of course, this original content from the previous five games has been updated and recreated for a more immersive experience.

In addition to the best collection in the series, there’s also brand new content.This includes a shooting range, a maze of free-roaming corn (I just got scared) Thoughts About that), and an assembly line that allows you to build your own animatronic aversion.

If you’re looking for a bunch of horrors this Halloween, it’s hard to find a better deal.From Hosting Content Included at a Price of £ 24.99 Xbox store, The eerie collection of mini games will be yours. If you have any questions or would like to share your excitement with us, please write in the comments below. Also, take a look at the Five Nights at Freddy review.

Game description:

Five Nights at Freddie’s: Help Wanted is a collection of classic and original mini-games set in the world of Five Nights. Survive a terrifying encounter with your favorite killer animatronics with a collection of new and classic FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S ™ experiences. “A place where fantasy and fun are born!”

  • You have been hired – Time to get your hands dirty. Repair claustrophobic ventilation systems, troubleshoot broken animatronics that may work at any time, or spend the night in a night guard office.
  • celebrate – Confront your favorite killer animatronics, including: Freddie, Bonnie, Chika, Foxy, Spring Trap, Mangle, Funtime Foxy, Circus Baby.
  • Fun fun prizes – Toys, plush toys, bobblehead dolls, candy candy candy! Get super fun prizes to play at the interactive prize counter! Collect well-hidden fuzz tokens to unlock even more rare collectibles and get more SUPER FUN FUN FUN.
  • Pizza party – The classic title scene has been updated and reworked for a completely immersive experience, such as: 5 nights at Freddie’s, 5 nights at Freddie’s 2, 5 nights at Freddie’s 3, 5 nights at Freddie’s 4, 5 nights at Freddie’s: Sister’s place.
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Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted now available on Xbox One

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