5 nights at Freddie’s: Security breach release date: December 16th

5 nights at Freddie’s: Security breach At Sony’s State of Play on Wednesday, we unveiled many of the world and characters and announced the release date. Security breach We will arrive at PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on December 16th.

The new trailer sets up a dim scenario: you’ll hear the shrill screams of a young kid begging to get out of the nightmare mall before it closes. On the other hand, faceless narrators who speak through the PA system give them instructions. “Keep moving and don’t pay attention to yourself,” says the voice.

The trailer also showed off many of the malls where the game takes place. This look focused on a neon-filled arcade and pizzeria filled with musically talented but scary animatronic robots. The trailer begins and ends with the glowing red eyes of a robotic white rabbit that peaks around the corner.

The game makes heavy use of stealth elements.The trailer also shows the protagonist creeping up, according to a PlayStation blog post. Security breach, “The most important thing is to strategize how to overcome the enemy.” Security breach Announced in August 2019 and developed by the developer Steel Wool Studios. Freddy’s VR 5 Nights: Help Wanted..

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