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As Steve Bruce sits on thinner and thinner ice as the days go by, Mike Ashley may soon be forced to make a decision.

It looks like Sunday’s match against West Brom may succeed or fail.

If the NUFC head coach has only two wins in 18 games, with or without players, he can spell the blues curtain for anything but a win. This is a run that includes 13 losses if you lose to Sam Allardyce.

Mike Ashley releases an official statement on Friday regarding arbitration related to the acquisition of Newcastle United. In conclusion, Newcastle must remain a Premier League club in order to be available for acquisition within the next few months, regardless of other factors.

There are four options (and one less likely) that Mike Ashley could replace if Steve Bruce was finally given a long-deferred march order.

Graham Jones

Probably the one most likely to be on the list, especially in the short term.

I think most fans are really happy with this promise.

It’s no coincidence that shortly after Jones joined the coaching staff, there were some positive changes to our playing style and the abolition of the timid and passive approach that we hated.

Our performance has improved significantly since Jones came in. Given free governance, he may be able to instill the positive playing style that we all have longed for. In addition, if you see a blues-worthy P45, this is a big plus because it’s an inexpensive replacement, a seamless transition to keep things running smoothly, and Ashley is still in charge. Is considered.

Mark Hughes

It’s a little less likely than Jones, but it’s still possible.

Hughes has lost his job since being recruited by Southampton in 2018. Due to his long career as a Premier League manager, it can be considered a stable move.

Ignoring the slow downward spiral in Stoke City, the narrow escape in QPR, and the short-term revival of several months in Southampton, that is. This appointment is another sign that stepping on the water is a club’s top priority, and survival is always a top priority in the Premier League, but doing so without expecting change is a fan. It only hits the morale of.

Neil Lennon

Lennon, who is slightly less likely to be depressed than Hughes, has recently resigned from Celtic after a disastrous title defense a few weeks ago, despite winning domestic treble last season. ..

His last time in the English League returned in Bolton from 2014 to 2016. There he overshadowed their volatile financial situation.

Some may ridicule the quality of the players they worked with in the “Farmers League” and Celtic, but to be honest, can he really do something worse? Blues??

Garry Monk

A little more left fielder, Monk seems to be one of the managers who was told to be a bright and up-and-coming young manager, but he was only put in some unstable hot seats.

There was a swivel chair notorious for Leeds’ role, which plagued Birmingham and recent Sheffield Wednesday, is he worth the punt? In St. James??

He started very well in his time as Swansea’s manager, and fans have a lot to prove, rather, in the middle of the “stubborn” path of the Premier League like Hughes, Purdue, or Pris. You will want to see the next manager.

Rafa Benitez

Wouldn’t it be on the list without him?

Please try to imagine. The fairy tale is back, restarting where it left off, rebuilding and re-stabilizing the club (again).

But aside from all romanticism, this does not happen in the following cases Ashley As soon as Benitez goes out of the door, he’s still in charge, not after the burnt bridge and the mean signature of the player Benitez first blocked.

If a legendary, often mythical takeover occurs, he may want to finish the work he started, but until then there is no chance.

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5 options Mike Ashley will replace if Steve Bruce beats Newcastle twice in 18 games 5 options Mike Ashley will replace if Steve Bruce beats Newcastle twice in 18 games

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