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Most fantasy football leagues have held championships this week. If you are lucky Alvin Kamala On your roster, you probably brought your league trophy home. Four pro bowlers played a major match against the Christmas-depleted Viking defense, totaling 172 yards from the scrimmage, six times. Yes SIX, Touchdown. The explosion of scores made Kamala a touchdown league leader, scoring 21 points. This would be added when Saints travels to Carolina to play against the Panthers in the 17th week.

This will take you to today’s quiz today. In the history of the NFL, only 15 players have recorded 5 or more touchdowns in a single game, and only 3 have recorded 6 touchdowns, including Kamala. With that in mind, how many members of this exclusive fraternity can be listed in 5 minutes?

Good luck!

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“5 or more touchdowns in one game” quiz “5 or more touchdowns in one game” quiz

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