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The Seahawks will make it easy to see in the 14th week and dismantle the Jets (40-3) with a bounce back.

The· Seattle Seahawks After exercising your will on the unwinning New York Jets, you can add one to the winning line.Dominant 40-3 Victory, Seattle showed a flash of what it came to as the season approached the end. Despite the absence of Carlos Dunlap, the defense was once again impressive and the attack was able to establish a running attack early in the game. Both of these factors are the majority of the winning formula.

To conclude the season, the Seahawks will be tested for three consecutive weeks and the football team, Rams and 49ers will remain on schedule. Seattle is likely to play off. The remaining question is whether they will be a wildcard team or a division winner.The· Explosion to beat Jets The number one seed battle continues in both NFC and NFC West.

Here are five points from the bounceback victory.

RT Brandon Shell re-injured

After missing two weeks, RT Brandon Shell returned to the field of play against Jets.In the first month and a half of play, the Seahawks attack line offered Russell Wilson With some of the best blocking protections he has ever had. However, after suffering a few injuries both on the attack line and in the backfield, the Seahawks attack felt its impact.

Listen, no matter how good Wilson is, regardless of its threat DK Met Calf And Tyler Rocket Imposing, attacks will only go as long as this line of attack takes them. Yes, Wilson was able to play with his feet and did it many times during his career. However, such play is not sustainable for a quarter. If you decide to take off more often with your feet later in the game, it could work on one drive (this is what he normally does).

Last week, the Giants continued to attack the right side of the Seahawks attack line. Because no one could block. Former Jet Brandon Shell came back in the 14th week and looked pretty solid. However, he injured his ankle again and set him aside at weeks 12 and 13.

In the 15th week, the Seattle Seahawks will join the Washington Football Team with a ferocious front four. We have seen both sides of this Seattle attack. Some with good protection and some without. What wasn’t appeared in all four losses. If Shell fails to play in this match, it could be another long day for Seattle.

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5 points from a dominant victory over Jets 5 points from a dominant victory over Jets

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