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The Golden State Warriors are .500 after 6 games. What are some points from the action of the former champion in the first two weeks?

The· Golden State Warriors Almost exactly where they should be. Perhaps these most optimistic fans expected 4-5 wins in the first 6 games, but for teams expected to be just over .500, 3-3 seems almost right.

The Warriors played from four road games to two home games, but all three defeats were due to a year-old postseason team, including two title candidates, Milwaukee Bucks and Brooklyn Nets. The point difference is still biased, but it’s fast.

Looking deeper than the box score, what did you learn about the Warriors in the first 13 days of the 2020-21 season?how is it Stephen Curry Are you doing with the team’s only aggressive engine cloak? How about the second overall choice James Wiseman look? Can this team make a rocky start to make the playoffs?

There are 5 points from the team’s first 6 games.

1. Stephen Curry is still a superstar … but he is also human

Two MVP guards, Stephen Curry, were discussed by all Talking Heads around the NBA media as players who couldn’t “do it themselves” after the team roughly started the season. .. After just a handful of games, the story of his career was rewritten, with players like James Harden and Russell Westbrook on the pedestal who had never won.

Curry locked them all out on Sunday night, dropping a career-high 62 points to defeat the Portland Trail Blazers. In no time, he was third in the league with three pointers, holding back signs of poor shooting. After six games, he leads the league in points per game, with third-place usage and a team of .500.

You can discuss the best players to raise your team’s floor and the players who can unlock your team’s ceiling. Curry is one of the greatest climbing players of all time, and his ability to win titles in two different versions of the Warriors speaks for itself. You also have to wait longer than some inconsistent games at the start of the wild season and then write him down as a man who can make it happen with non-competitors. Wardell Stephen Curry II is still an absolute superstar.

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5 points from the first 6 games 5 points from the first 6 games

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