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5 possible science fiction concepts (in theory)

Science fiction novels and movies are packed with far more ideas as a starting point for action-packed adventures, rather than a serious attempt to predict future trends in science and technology. Some of the most common metaphors, such as accelerating a spacecraft to great speed in seconds without crushing its crew, are, as we understand it, totally impossible according to the laws of physics. Still, these exact same laws seem to allow other seemingly distant science fiction concepts, from wormholes to parallel universes. This is a summary of some sci-fi ideas that you can actually implement, at least in theory.


Passing through a wormhole may be possible under certain gravitational conditions. (Image credit: Shutterstock)

The idea of ​​a wormhole, a shortcut through space that allows you to move between distant parts of the universe almost instantly, sounds like it was created as a fictional story driver. But under the more formal name of the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, this concept existed as a serious theoretical concept long before science fiction writers got it.Come out from Albert Einstein‘NS General theory of relativity, Which view gravity As a space-time distortion caused by a huge object. Einstein, in collaboration with physicist Nathan Rosen, theorized in 1935 the following points of very strong gravity: Black Hole, Can connect directly to each other. And the idea of ​​a wormhole was born.

5 possible science fiction concepts (in theory) 5 possible science fiction concepts (in theory)

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