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The· Indianapolis Colts This year we are facing a very important off-season. Colts asks some major questions in several different positions, including a large hole in the position of the left tackle.

Anthony Castonzo shocked Colts fans by revealing that he was retired from football early in the offseason. Colts is looking for a new start left tackle for the first time in 10 years since Castonzo retired.

The team was able to start Will Holden with a left tackle, but he was on the NFL practice team until Colts claimed him near the end of the season. Alternatively, Colts could slide Quentinson from the guard onto the left tackle, but he has never played that position, not to mention a meaningful snap at the NFL level. Therefore, Colts does not have a clear choice for the success of Castonzo and needs to be planned.

Trent Williams

Williams was Washington’s former first round pick, a long-time elite left tackle, reaching eight Pro Bowls and was once named All-Pro for the second team.He is from Washington San Francisco 49ers It’s the last off-season, but by March 17th, I’ll be a free agent except for the New Deal or franchise tags. Adding Trent Williams to the Colts line would be a perfect replacement for Anthony Castonzo, as the line doesn’t skip beats.

Williams’ only problem is the price tag he may demand in contract negotiations. Williams just closed a deal that paid him $ 12.5 million last year and is likely to line up for higher deals. Spotrac has an annual market value of about $ 18 million. Colts has already extended Ryan Kelly this year and resigned Mark Glowinski in 2019, but still needs to think about extending the contract between Quentunson and Braden Smith, who are on a very good payday. There is.

It’s not that Colts can’t afford Williams. Instead of adding another high salary to the attack line, you need to be younger with the tackle on the left.

Alejandro Villanueva

Villanueva got off to an interesting start in his NFL career as he signed first Philadelphia Eagles As an undrafted free agent to play Defensive End in 2014. He was abandoned by the Eagles and then Pittsburgh Steelers I switched from a practice team and a defensive end to an offensive tackle and played as a depth tackle in the early days of Pittsburgh. He became the Steelers and started tackling left in 2016 and has been going on ever since.

Villanueva is a very large aggressive tackle of 6 feet 9 inches and 320 pounds, offering Colts a short-term left tackle option until a longer-term solution is found. Spotrac puts his market value at about $ 16 million a year, which is quite expensive given his age. He will be 33 years old before the new season.

Taylor Moton

Morton 2017 NFL draft From western Michigan Carolina Panthers.. Morton played modestly in the rookie year, but played in all 16 games. In the second year, he nailed the job of starting in the correct tackle position of the Panthers and has been there ever since, playing in all games since 2018. Morton plays the correct tackle for the Panthers, so he needs to move to the left of Colts.

Spotrac has a market value of about $ 14 million, but it doesn’t consider switching to a left tackle that could pay him more. As the new season begins, Morton will be only 27 years old and will fit into the young group of aggressive linemen that Colts already has. The biggest factor is whether he can move to the left, and if so, why didn’t he switch in Carolina, which needed a long-term left tackle for some time?

Russell Okung

Okung Seattle Seahawks.. Okung has been in the league for over 10 years, with the Seahawks, Broncos, Charger, And Panthers.Okung is the original Super bowl He became the Seahawks champion in 2014 and won two professional bowlers in 2012 and 2017.

Okung turns 33 at the beginning of the season and is reliable and will not allow more than 4 bags a year for his career. He is steadily present with the tackle on the left, regardless of franchise or situation. He last managed the 16-game season in 2016.

Okung is a veteran option at a reasonable price. The history of his injuries is worrisome, but as the player grows older, the injuries become more apparent. He earned about $ 13 million last year and is probably looking for something in the $ 10 million or better range.

Cam Robinson

Robinson is a former second round pick of 2017 NFL draft By Jacksonville Jaguars From Alabama. Robinson began when Jaguar left the tackle in the year of the rookie and has been the tackle to their left ever since. Robinson suffers from pass protection at the NFL level, the rookie year is required 12 penalties, allows 41 pressures, breaks ACL in the second year, misses 14 games and 11 penalties in the third year Requested and allowed 45 pressures. And last year he was asked for 10 penalties and allowed 40 pressures.

If Robinson is slotted in addition to Quentinson, it may raise the level of his play. His size is 6 feet 6 inches and 320 pounds, reaching 25 at the start of the season and his overall athletic performance is good, but his pass protection is not very good. Robinson is probably a project for Colts on the left tackle and will not demand much about his contract price.

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5 Potential Free Agent Options on Colts Left Tackle 5 Potential Free Agent Options on Colts Left Tackle

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