5 precautions you should take for a healthy winter

Not enough. Winter is a fun time, but it carries many illnesses in itself. Colds and flu are synonymous with winter. So what exactly can you do to avoid illness and enjoy the comfort of the season? Let’s take a look at some precautions you can take for a healthy winter!

5 Tips for a Healthy Winter

  1. Try to follow a balanced diet: The diet should include all five basic food groups. According to ICMR, the five basic food groups are cereals and millet, legumes and legumes, fruits and vegetables, milk and meat products, and fats and oils. Of the food groups mentioned above, you need to focus more on fruits and vegetables to boost and strengthen your immunity with the help of vitamins and minerals.
  2. Continue exercising: It keeps you warm and improves your immunity to seasonal illnesses like heat and cold – ensuring a healthy winter! Physical activity also helps us to be healthy during the winter season. Due to the cold climate, focus on indoor exercises such as squats, spot jogging, push-ups and yoga. You may not be able to go out.
  3. Drink enough water: Make sure you drink at least 2 liters of water daily. During the winter, most of us don’t drink enough water. Another important thing to consider is the use of lukewarm water instead of cold water for drinking. Water induced by the leaves of Tulsi, Zillah and Basil can also be used. Water removes toxins from the body, balances fluids, prevents dehydration, and carries nutrients to somatic cells. Water is arguably an important part of a healthy winter.
  4. Appropriate skin care: It’s pretty hard on the skin this season. The main skin-related problems include dryness, itching, rough lips, and cracked heels. Try daily use of vitamin E-rich moisturizers, body lotions, and sunscreens. Drinking more water also hydrates the skin. Stock up on good winter clothes and keep your lip balm handy at all times.
  5. Medical checkup: Precautions for a healthy winter include a health check. Asthma, fever, sore throat and joint pain are the most common health problems during the winter. The low temperature induces more pressure in the heart, which also increases the risk of a heart attack. People with heart disease and high cholesterol and triglyceride levels should always have a regular health check.

In addition to the above, ensure 7-8 hours of sleep. Also, don’t forget to keep your hands hygienic by washing your hands and taking a regular bath to keep bacteria and viruses away.

We hope these precautions will help you to have a wonderful and healthy winter. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.Check out for more information on winter Healthy reading Or join a LIVE session by an expert. GOQii Play..


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