5 Quick Ways to Get Out of a Bad Mood

Although you are determined to live in a healthy way, your body may have some problems.

In this regard, doctors offer some tips that you can use to enhance your health.

1- Brain fog

Lindsay Tigar said in her report in the journal “Readers Digest”, according to Martin J. Dr. Bloom, MD, a medical doctor, and cardiologist in the field of functional medicine said that “forgetfulness should not be associated only with aging.”

“Brain fog can be a sign of more serious health conditions, like the hormonal imbalance that affects cognitive issues,” Blum said.

For women, memory disorders may indicate a dysfunction in the thyroid gland.

“Consider a comprehensive blood test that measures all hormones and biomarkers, tests the thyroid gland to measure the likelihood of thyroid antibodies, and determines the most important causes of your brain haze.

2- Bacteria dispersing thoughts

For both men and women, bacteria in the gut can cause distractions.

Because gastrointestinal microbes are associated with the brain, improving your diet can help to give you serenity and concentration.

The passage of many years of marriage may lead to a decrease in sexual desire among some.

Although the feeling of sexual desire may intensify or disappear, the lack of feeling at all may be the result of hormonal problems.

In order to understand your condition, you should check your doctor for a hormone test, such as testosterone, estradiol, estrogen, and progesterone.

Hormonal imbalance can also lead to more serious conditions, such as fatigue, depression, weight gain, and even heart problems.

3- Tension destroys your health

Whether it’s work, family, or relationships, constant stress can ruin your health.

When cortisol levels are unbalanced and high, it can cause mood swings, anxiety and depression, leading to decreased libido and self-esteem.

High cortisol can also increase body fat and inflammation, leading to low self-esteem and frustration.

As with brain fog, Dr. Bloom encourages patients to start the treatment journey from the stomach by following a healthy diet so that they can better control the cortisol level, giving your body a better balance.

4- Drowsy most times

No matter what time you devote to exercise and to be careful about a good diet, sleeping at night is essential to your health.

Dr. Bloom recommends that you see your doctor as soon as possible when you feel that you are not getting enough sleep. “Sleep is also necessary to reset your biological clock,” he says

5- Leg cramps

Because most of us spend most of the time sitting in front of a computer or television, we do not give the spasm of the leg muscles the importance.

However, Adonis Mikes, medical director at the Carillon Beach Miami Williams, warns that frequent muscle cramps can indicate low levels of magnesium in the body, and this can cause some health problems over time.

This condition leads to disruption of the heart system, which can, in turn, cause cardiac arrest or sudden death.

6- Shiver

If you experience Shiver at the level of your hands and feet constantly, it may be due to vitamin B12 deficiency.

If the problem is left untreated, this lack of essential nutrients can lead to anemia and neurological diseases in some extreme cases.

It is therefore recommended to eat meals that include eggs and dairy products, and vegetarians can be helped supplement food “vitamin B12” to maintain their health.

7- Very dry skin

With the onset of winter, dry skin becomes a concern. According to Janet Priestski, the dry areas that cause itching may be evidence that your low-fat diets are behind the lack of fatty acids.

In addition to using a daily moisturizer that matches your skin type, the doctor recommends adding more healthy, healthy foods to your daily menu, which may include avocados, nuts, olives and more.

Although acne is considered a hereditary or hormonal condition, there are many factors that can stimulate the spread of more pimples, and stress may also result, says Joshua Zichner, a dermatologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. These pills are abundant.

“The relationship between the spread of acne and stress in the workplace or school has been documented during the probationary periods,” Zeichner said.

8- Afternoon Fatigue

After participating in many meetings that you do not really need to attend, you may find yourself preparing minutes until it’s time for a coffee break.

Dr. Tania Dempsey says that if you feel tired all the time, it may be to eat the wrong foods during lunchtime, leading to energy loss before dinner time.

Dempsey points out that high-sugar foods – like pizzas, sandwiches and other bread-based meals – can cause blood sugar levels to rise, leading to exhaustion after a few hours.

Low blood sugar can cause drowsiness and exhaustion that people feel in the afternoon without knowing the cause.

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