5 Reasons Jingle is a Top-notch Christmas Movie

The setting puts you in the spirit of Christmas

This is Die Hard (I will go here again).While i love Die Hard (((Hands Gruber One of my favorite bad guys so far), it really doesn’t put me in the spirit of Christmas.Yes, I know it’s centered around Christmas parties, and yes, Ho, Ho, Ho, John McClane now have machine guns, but still don’t feel Like Christmas for me. I do not know. Maybe it’s done in Los Angeles and it’s not snowing at all. But for some reason Die Hard It’s always the first Kick-Ass action movie for me, and the Christmas movie is probably the 8th or 9th on the list.

But Jingle All the Way It feels like a Christmas movie. There is snow everywhere, reindeer, and even Santa Claus (actually many Santa Clauses).You see, if you see Jingle All the Way In July, it puts me in the spirit of Christmas.If you see Die Hard In December, it makes me wonder what a kick action movie is, but wAbsent Think about Christmas. Like, not at all.

5 Reasons Jingle is a Top-notch Christmas Movie

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