5 stories to cut if fans can (& 5 story lines should have been expanded)

in the meantime how I Met your mother Is one of the most popular sitcoms in recent years, and fans have many strong opinions about the protagonist, their love life, and their professional choices. It’s fun to see Ted trying to meet the love of his life, but of course fans are angry at the finale of the show’s series and like the right way to say goodbye to the nine seasons of his beloved show. I don’t feel it.

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From the best story arcs of Marshall and Bernie to some storylines that you don’t need to include, many how I Met your mother The viewer has some ideas about which plot lines are too long and which plot lines can spend a little more time.

Ten Cut: Marshall is not working

how I Met your mother

There are some Confusing things about Marshall HIMYMHowever, fans generally love most of his story, from his relationship with Lily to the time he starts his family and takes on more responsibilities.

for Reddit user Kimono_WolfIt’s not fun to see Marshall unemployed. Fans wrote, “I didn’t like Marshall suffering from the story of his work,” because Marshall was hired somewhere, met someone new, and was ignored. If Marshall’s work life is a little more stable, it’s definitely more cohesive.

9 Expansion: See Bernie’s changes in Season 6

Bernie in HIMYM's red robe

Reddit user JaxiDriver They write that they love “Burney Season 6”. “He is struggling with how he grew up, having no father, and how important his mother is to him.” Fans like to realize that when Bernie meets his father, he can change for the better.

Bernie is a beloved funny character, but he’s pretty much the same in most of the series, and many viewers seem to enjoy seeing this character have a little more depth throughout the show.

8 Cut: Relationship between Ted and Zoe

Zoe in Ted's classroom until she falls in love with her mom.

Ted’s story is about who his mother is and about his romance with Robin, but he definitely dates many other people along the way. Zoe is not Ted’s most popular love concern for some. Reddit user Anna K22 They didn’t like “Zoe and Ted,” he said, “only the captain and gentleman come out of it.”

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There are many reasons HIMYM Fans don’t like Zoe, whether he thinks Zoe is a frustrating character or always ships Ted and Robin. In any case, some people will be happy if there are few episodes of Zoe.

7 Expansion: Robin and Ted’s Moment on Stella and Ted’s Big Day

Ted and Robin

When talking about the best character moments how I Met your mother, Fans had some ideas, and Reddit user’s dee dee lock I like when Robin and Ted have a serious conversation between Stella and Ted’s wedding. Fans wrote, “Again, it’s not Ted she knows about how he’s moving to someone else’s house, someone else’s family when she gives him harsh love.” rice field. Reddit users said this was “pure friendship.”

There are many dramas surrounding Robin and Ted, but they have some great platonic scenes. It would be fun if Robin gave Ted better advice throughout the series.

6 Cut: Robin and Bernie dating

Image of Robin and Bernie laughing until they fall in love with Mom

Some fans think this couple is adorable together, Bernie and Robin are destined to part.. Many viewers seem to want to completely separate this relationship from the show. Reddit user rose_tattoo I don’t like “Burney and Robin pairing”.

When two characters move from friends to more characters, it’s always tricky, and sometimes just chemistry isn’t there. Robin and Bernie can be thought of as two completely different people who have little in common and don’t feel right as a couple.

Five Expansion: Watch Bernie become a parent

In all the favorite moments of the show One Redditor When Bernie has a child, he writes, “Hug his child at the finale.’You are the love of my life. Everything I have, I’m all yours. Forever.’ increase.”

Some viewers enjoyed watching this happen in more episodes, as so many fans like to see Bernie change and become more mature and responsible. It is no exaggeration to say that.

Four Cut: Season 5 Episode “Zoo Or False”

In Facts from the Novel, Lily wants to own a gun because Marshall was robbed, but Marshall says he can’t carry the gun because the zoo monkey robbed him. Reddit user Thesuitisblacknot “Pizza Arthur was the highlight of this episode and he had a couple of lines. It was a pure filler for other legendary seasons and this episode didn’t make any sense.” I don’t like this season 5 episode.

there are many High evaluation HIMYM Season 5 episodesHowever, it’s true that this particular thing has leveled off and doesn’t seem to fit in the rest of the show.

3 Expansion: Robin’s relationship with Ted

One Redditor They love the relationship between Robin and Ted and sharing Season 2 is their favorite season. “I loved everything this season. Robin and Ted were together, Marshall and Lily were Swirly, slap bets …”

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Some viewers seem to be thrilled when Robin and Ted date the entire nine seasons. It’s been suggested that they will eventually be together, but it’s still a special feeling if the characters have previously resolved the issue and reunited. For many fans, their bond feels more special than what Ted shares with other people dating.

2 Cut: Show ending

Fans have Complex emotions about HIMYM Finale.. But most of the time, people are dissatisfied with it and find it a strange and confusing way to end the series.

Reddit user msummerse “I recently glanced at the whole series, but I couldn’t believe it. spoiler They killed their mother, and after the entire final season dedicated to Robin and Bernie getting married, they were split just to get Ted and Robin back … “Viewers Know Mother I felt like I could hardly know my mother before, and died tragically.

1 Expansion: Marshall’s Season 6 Story Arc

Marshall and Lily dance at the wedding

Reddit user dragonbornrises He likes Marshall’s Season 6 character arc, explaining that “he was wasted on a job he hated, his father died, he had a hard time dealing with the loss, and he and Lily had a hard time getting pregnant.” increase.

Marshall is introduced as a cheerful and goofy character, so it’s rewarding to see him go through some difficult times and start a family with someone he loves. His story arc in Season 6 is heartbreaking and heartwarming, but it’s definitely great to see these themes explored a little longer.

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