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Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory is finally available on PlayStation 4, bringing rhythm action gameplay to the songs and stories of your beloved Kingdom Hearts series. Many have already hone their skills through demos, but we asked producer Ichiro Hazama to give us some tips for mastering music. Below are 5 ways you can make your beat better!

Choose the pace that suits you

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory has three play styles that span three difficulty levels. If you are new to rhythm action games or want to enjoy music, the one-button mode for beginners is the best choice. You can use the items to get the help of team members when unlocking tricky songs, but you can experience things at your own pace and learn the ropes of the game more easily. Of course, as you progress, you’ll want to play performer mode on proud difficulty and switch between situations until you actually match the action to the rhythm.

Learn the difference between attack and magic (and don’t forget to jump)

As with any Kingdom Hearts game, there are several ways to attack your enemies with Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory. The key to earning these top scores (blades) is learning the types of enemies and the attacks used to defeat them. Proactively preparing for the next attack, jump, or magic will lead to better chains and higher scores.

I feel the rhythm

Battles may look like classic Kingdom Hearts encounters, but with familiar enemies and the ability to deal with them, the team will track to the beat of the music and strike time. Need to be measured. perfectly. Note that you are targeting reticle that approaches the enemy. To get the perfect hit, you need to hit it to the beat of the music because it’s well-shaped. Don’t be distracted as the team will make spectacular moves. By monitoring your targets, you can perfect their scores.

Memorize your chains

The maximum score is achieved by getting a huge series of attacks. To keep the chain moving, you need to constantly attack the enemy without taking any damage. Enemies aren’t the only obstacles to your progress, but crates and barrels are also obstacles to your success. These can’t reduce your HP, but they break your chains! Make sure you are hitting them in time to continue the chain and get their high scores.

Practice perfectly

After defeating a track on the World Tour, unlock it in track selection mode. Here you can select your favorite songs to play on the same team or different teams. This is a great way to learn each track, hone your skills and build their chains. You can then put them into VS mode and challenge the world with online multiplayer.

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory is now available on PS4 from the PlayStation Store. Try the demo today.

5 tips to master the music of Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

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