5 Ways Scrooge is the Best Christmas Movie Villain (& 5 Ways It’s a Grinch)

Christmas is usually considered a time of fun, a time of charity, and a little kindness to each other in the spirit of the season. Just as the concept is sentimental and sweet, not everyone is completely embarked on the hilarious message of the holiday holly. Some then go to the point of building a career.

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Grinch and Ebenezer Scrooge Two of the most famous and evil movie villains of ChristmasFamous for both the contempt for the Christmas season and the length that goes to make it completely clear. But of the two classic characters, who really wears the evil crown is floating in the air.

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He really loves to be a bad guy

“You’re A Sean One, Mr. Grinch” is not only the theme song of the character, but also a musical expression of the inside of the Grinch. Any movie version of The Grinch, They are always pleased with their ferocious activity. I just glanced at his curly grinch’s smile, thinking of stealing Christmas from who was saying it.

If the viewer needs more evidence, all they have to do is see the expressions he makes while taking all the toys at Cindy Lou’s house. No one looks so happy while slipping through or sleeping in a sleeping home.

He is more easily provoked

Scrooge is described as “lonely like an oyster,” people leave him alone, and he leaves them alone. But in the case of The Grinch, it doesn’t take long to evoke his anger at Who-Ville’s Whos.

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The festive embarrassment in the live-action version provokes a logically hostile reaction, while the original grinch is caused by singing alone. He has put up with it for years and it seems that it was finally his limit. Still, literally robbing the entire town is still an extreme reaction.

He is openly hostile

Old Ebenezer may have a longer career, but when it comes to having an openly mean spirit, Grinch breaks through him. Where Scrooge is the one who has the nature of his ice, the Grinch is far more explosive in his display of despicableness. At least Scrooge doesn’t get in the way to bother neighbors.

The Grinch literally spends most of his time “hating who”, but the live-action version goes a long way by deliberately leaving the cave to cause trouble in the town. Scrooge is not the most comfortable individual, but tries to avoid all kinds of interactions other than work.

He is more aggressive

also, This mainly applies to Jim Carrey’s Grinch interpretation. But Alistair Sim and George C. Grinch can easily become a more aggressive character, even when stacked against more hostile Scrooges like Scott. Remember that the Grinch literally furious at the Christmas display in town.

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His aggressive attitude only fuels his ferocious reputation, which he eats up faster than Who-Hash’s plate. He sees Whos’ Christmas celebrations as a personal attack and only reaps his Christmas plans from pure hatred.

He commits a literal crime against Christmas

Grinch doesn’t just steal ChristmasHowever, he also commits a series of various other crimes. Intrusion, property destruction, vandalism, and of course theft, are just a few of the actions that make up a character’s wrap sheet. He may return everything stolen at the end of the movie, but that doesn’t mean there are no proceedings against him.

Scrooge can claim to be committing more white-collar crimes, but he works within the legal system. The Grinch, on the other hand, works in the dark and deliberately commits a crime with a smile. At least Scrooge can blame ignorance and desire.


He enjoys his reputation

George C. Scott as a Christmas carol scrooge.

The Grinch may only have a reputation for the infamous villain, but Scrooge’s cultivated reputation for cruelty and coldness has brought him respect and fear on the streets of London. Whether he is portrayed as a slum lord, a money lender, or another position of financial advantage, Scrooge is a man in power who is not engaged in business to make friends.

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The man doesn’t get in the way to create this vicious persona, but he certainly doesn’t do anything to prevent it until he experiences his holidays.

People literally fear him

1999 Christmas Carol

Not uncertain, Scrooge isn’t the person who wants to do tango the most. He is one tough customer who scares even blind dogs in the original text. No one wants to disturb him or offend him, and it’s all thanks to his attitude and position.

Scrooge accomplishes reserved feats for villains such as Dracula, Darth Vader, and Voldemort. He can stimulate fear and fear only by his presence.Almost All versions of Christmas carol, People do not get in the way to avoid him, even when he is walking to work. It certainly makes an unforgettable first impression.

He hates humanity

Michael Caine Scouring as Scrooge of Muppet Christmas Carroll

In some of the best versions, Scrooge is often portrayed as a misanthropic individual who is completely disdainful of his peers and neighbors, or simply completely uncaring. The same is true for Ebenezer Scrooge, as the opposite of love is indifference, not hatred.

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This can be clearly demonstrated in the adaptive performance of the characters Alistair Sim and Jim Carrey. Everything that everyone does makes people look down on and frown on all humankind. It’s a little darker than the holiday grinch.

He hurt more people

Little Tim looking at the window

Thanks to Foods’ determination and moral direction, the Grinch does not hurt anyone in his plans. After all, he finally returns all the toys and gifts. However, Scrooge has done much more damage in his actions. And, as he learns from Christmas It to Come, Scrooge is not only neglecting his selfish behavior, he is also dangerous.

Scrooge’s actions aren’t just about Bell, Fred, Cratchit, and Tiny Tim.of Creepy vision shown by Christmas carolThird spirit of, A pair of Scrooge debtors can be seen delighted with his death. It gives him an easy lead over his green competitors. If Scrooge had been in business for long enough, I don’t know how many more people he was greedy and injured.

It takes more time to change him

The biggest difference between the two characters in question is how they change before the end of each story. If the Grinch is shown the true meaning of Christmas by those who are happy without gifts and then changes in the blink of an eye, it will take longer to reach the old Ebenezer Scrooge.

Not enough for him Just annoyed by celebrities Christmas carol Spirits, But Scrooge needs to see his actions and the effects of his own sadness-free grave in order to actually take a picture. Fortunately, he repents and repents, but it still takes more effort and time to change for the better.

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