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Frank Medrano is an American bodybuilder and personal trainer. He is a well-known gymnastic expert and vegan athlete. Medrano first started exercising after gaining weight in her late twenties.

He has a Youtube channel on Instagram with over 1 million subscribers and 1.8 million followers. He often shares his training routines and motivational citations with his followers and motivates others with pictures of his physique.

The collection of Frank Medrano’s best citations is:

50 Most Favorite Frank Medrano Quotes

1. “Calisthenics take over my training system. This form of training is endless to the goals I set myself.” – Frank Medrano

2. “Diet and Nutrition. No matter how hard you train, you can’t really develop a torn physique without following a proper and healthy nutrition plan.” – Frank Medrano

3. “If you want to quit, remember why you started in the first place. What is your motive? What is your purpose? What is your goal? Think about it and recover. . “- Frank Medrano

4. “The real challenge is how to think and act in difficult times. Remember that it is not what happens to you that defines your life. It still kills you. It’s a way to take those things that aren’t and turn them into your interests. It’s your spine. “– Frank Medrano

5. “My body has more abilities and wants to continue to harness its inner strength.” – Frank Medrano

6. “I first started training around 2008. I went to the gym and did weight training, but I was motivated to make my life better.” – Frank Medrano

7. “My fitness goal is to keep my fitness progressing to extreme levels.” – Frank Medrano

8. “Please allow your passion to be stronger than your pain. Don’t stop.” – Frank Medrano

9. “I usually train 6 days a week for about 2 hours every day.” – Frank Medrano

10th of Frank Medrano’s 50 quotes

10. “I was tired of feeling tired, slow and weak and wanted to be big, fast and strong.” – Frank Medrano

11. “Promise that you will be so strong that there is nothing to prevent your peace of mind.” – Frank Medrano

12. “Unplanned goals are just wishes. Get out there and get things done.” – Frank Medrano

13. “I’m vegan, so I don’t eat any meat or animal by-products.” – Frank Medrano

14. “Be true to yourself.” – Frank Medrano

15. “Never calm down and always fight for what you want.” – Frank Medrano

16. “Leave negative energy behind us.” – Frank Medrano

17. “Never allow a bad day to go to you and talk to you and give up.” – Frank Medrano

18. “Don’t stop for yourself. It’s the people who keep going, no matter how difficult it may be.” – Frank Medrano

19. “I felt I needed to do more myself. When I was looking for new training ideas, Youtube pulled me into gymnastics. I fell in love with the feeling of mastering my weight. – – Frank Medrano

20 of 50 quotes from Frank Medrano

20. “Believe in yourself no matter what life is thrown at you.” – Frank Medrano

21. “Your attitude makes a big difference.” – Frank Medrano

22. “I have set small realistic goals for myself. I am trained in the mind to do whatever I really want to do and challenge each training session.” – Frank Medrano

23. “I love listening to music during training and I also listen to all kinds of music. Now I’m listening to the instrumental score soundtrack.” – Frank Medrano

24. “When you need to believe something, start yourself.” – Frank Medrano

25. “Growth and change can be painful at times, but nothing in life is so painful that you stay stuck in a place you don’t belong to.” – Frank Medrano

26. “If you don’t believe what you want, you’ll never succeed. Visualize your goals. Strive for it and always be confident that it can be yours. – – Frank Medrano

27. “For everything that has happened to you, you can feel sorry for yourself or treat what happened as a gift.” – Frank Medrano

28. “I feel that gymnastics has many advantages over other forms of training.” – Frank Medrano

29. “I want to set an example, eat a vegan diet, and gain a high level of weight to motivate and inspire anyone interested in super wellness.” – Frank Medrano

30 of 50 quotes from Frank Medrano

30. “Dress yourself in the same mission as you.” – Frank Medrano

31. “Cardio (HIIT) must be in the cardio to keep your metabolism in a constant fat burning state. Without aerobic exercise, there is no fire to jack you up!” – Frank Medrano

32. “Be one of the few who doesn’t just say they believe in something until it’s tested.” – Frank Medrano

33. “It doesn’t matter what others think. It’s important if you choose to make a positive change.” – Frank Medrano

34. “My diet is always low in fat and rich in superfoods, so the only thing I do to do peak conditioning in my diet is to limit my sodium intake and eat more vegetables.” – Frank Medrano

35. “Don’t worry if you’re not where you want to be. Great things take time.” – Frank Medrano

36. “Consistency is very important. The more consistent you are, the more progress you make to reach your goals.” – Frank Medrano

37. “Instead of being ashamed of what you have experienced, be proud of what you have overcome.” – Frank Medrano

38. “I want to be in the best possible condition, and my dedication and progress motivate me.” – Frank Medrano

39. “To be successful in life, you don’t have to be perfect. You need to maintain the ability to improve perfectly. Strengthen your mistakes and the twists and turns of your life.” – Frank Medrano

40 of Frank Medrano’s 50 quotes

40. “Your mindset can be either your greatest enemy or your greatest motive.” – Frank Medrano

41. “Everything is an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to growth. You can choose.” – Frank Medrano

42. “Believe in what makes you strong. It is this belief and this drive that takes you to a place where only those who are brave enough to keep believing can go.” – Frank Medrano

43. “I’m feeling sick year after year, and I feel like I’m getting better. It’s embarrassing to take off my shirt. I’m always tired, slow, weak, and my diet makes things better. did not.” – Frank Medrano

44. “After all, I am just like any other person, and even I have my own limits.” – Frank Medrano

45. “Life is short. Focus on what’s important and let go of what’s not important.” – Frank Medrano

46. ​​“Don’t distract yourself from your goals by saying something about you. Let them speak confidently and move forward.” – Frank Medrano

47. “Repeat after me: I will fight for it. I will not give up. I have achieved my goals and there is absolutely nothing to stop me” – Frank Medrano

48. “Consistency is a need for progress, without which motivation is lost.” – Frank Medrano

49. “Look at all the bright sides and realize your optimism!” – Frank Medrano

50. “Support those who are humble, positive, and determined to strive to improve themselves.” – Frank Medrano


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