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Sergio Oliva was a Cuban bodybuilder. He is best known as a “myth”. Oliver is the only bodybuilder who defeated Arnold Schwarzenegger in Olympia. Throughout his career, he won 20 No. 1 bodybuilding titles. He is one of the greatest bodybuilders ever.

The collection of the best citations of Sergio Oliva is:

50 Most Favorite Sergio Oliva Quotes

1. “I traveled around the world with seminars and exhibitions.” – Sergio Oliva

2. “My country is a communist country, and bodybuilding was not allowed in the communist countries at the time, so I didn’t expect to do bodybuilding.” – Sergio Oliva

3. “It’s not the money they’re making today, but it was still pretty good at the time, and this is how I started my path to bodybuilding.” – Sergio Oliva

4. “No one made me, only my God and my heart, and the fact that I worked hard.” – Sergio Oliva

5. “No one else made me. I made my own routine – all by myself. And it was dynamite.” – Sergio Oliva

6. “We couldn’t do anything. We were under the protection of the FBI because it was so influential in the Cuban Revolution. We were supposed to get the gold medal back, but dropped out the day before. , Did not participate. “– Sergio Oliva

7. “People in the gym started playing with weights that they couldn’t move for years.” – Sergio Oliva

8. “At that time, I didn’t speak a word of English, but I always used my head. I am grateful to God for giving me the ability to use my head.” – Sergio Oliva

9. “When I was done with the foundry, I went to Duncan YMCA for another cruel 3 hours of training. Then I went to an English class for an hour or two at night by the time I got home. , I just ate and died until the next day. “– Sergio Oliva

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10. “No one but my Lord made me. I made it myself and put it all together.” – Sergio Oliva

11. “I was the only one to win the professional Mr. America without competing.” – Sergio Oliva

12. “I was the only one who had a 22-inch and a half cold arm. No one else had it.” – Sergio Oliva

13. “When I started bodybuilding, I was competing as an amateur.” – Sergio Oliva

14. “I think I’ve been blessed in Cuba, and even when I came here (in America) and entered bodybuilding. I was blessed.” – Sergio Oliva

15. “I’m starting to get very strong. Of course I have a little money now and I eat three meals a day. He gave me all the protein and vitamins I needed for training. – – Sergio Oliva

16. “At that time, there was no Las Vegas, no Reno, no casino. Everything was in Cuba. There was a great nightclub.” – Sergio Oliva

17. “If you work, you deserve it.” – Sergio Oliva

18. “It was a tough job and was blessed to the Lord. There was no other way.” – Sergio Oliva

19. “I started weightlifting at home (Cuba) when I was in an accident, not 18 years old.” – Sergio Oliva

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20. “Everyone got everything when Batista was in government. We have a very beautiful island and people from all over the world came.” – Sergio Oliva

21. “I wanted to come to America, but some of my friends wanted to come on a boat. To tell the truth, I didn’t like this idea. I’m a shark Not a great champion to fight against. I’m afraid to die. I don’t care. Call me chicken if you like. I won’t deal with it. “– Sergio Oliva

22. “In Cuba, they didn’t have bodybuilding competitions. Now other sports, and weightlifting yes, but not bodybuilding. So in this way I get out of Cuba with a weightlifting team. And when I came to the United States, I kept competing for weightlifting and won everything, but my favorite was always bodybuilding. “– Sergio Oliva

23. “It was like taking care of myself. I don’t smoke, drink or do anything else.” – Sergio Oliva

24. “When I was pumped and oiled my baby, and all (before going on stage in a bodybuilding contest) I saw myself when I was standing in front of a mirror. And that’s what, you really did it. “– Sergio Oliva

25. “I trained brutal all my life. It was like an explosion and I was growing like a balloon. Boom, boom, crazy boom.” – Sergio Oliva

26. “You had to work hard all day.” – Sergio Oliva

27. “I was so focused that in every contest, from the first to the last in 1984, I ate only three weeks after the show. I didn’t have to go on a diet. I was eating everything. “– Sergio Oliva

28. “I was training with my very dear friend Bob Gaja. He helped me in many ways, including helping me learn English.” – Sergio Oliva

29. “For me number one: John Grimek. And the second: Steve Reeves. I liked both, but I always liked John Grimek because I liked the strong bodybuilders.” – – Sergio Oliva

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30. “So, at one point they got a small little boat, and we were planning to leave Cuba for Miami (due to flaws) and only three guys There were eight guys when I got there to escape! And they didn’t even fit in the boat, which means I had to have three legs out of the boat And I said, no way Jose. “– Sergio Oliva

31. “I always ate a lot of salads and vegetables, but I’m a big eater. I’ve always been a big eater.” – Sergio Oliva

32. “I drink 1 gallon of milk daily and 2 gallons of water a day.” – Sergio Oliva

33. “I just worked, played sports, went dancing on Saturday night, then went to the movies on Sunday, went home, and went to work. That was my life.” – Sergio Oliva

34. “I know what happened. I always worked hard.” – Sergio Oliva

35. “My arms were so crazy and only Arthur Jones measured them. He was really good to me and he was a very honest person, so God blessed him in heaven. Thank you. “– Sergio Oliva

36. “I was working in a foundry when everyone was lying on the beach and getting paid by Joe Wader.” – Sergio Oliva

37. “Shoulder training is very difficult and you need to adjust the type of exercise you are about to do. You cannot push your shoulders back (after an injury), for example the back of your neck.” – Sergio Oliva

38. “I was the only one from a poor family.” – Sergio Oliva

39. “I was competing for weightlifting here in America, and you know I had enough medals (from weightlifting).” – Sergio Oliva

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40. “I always had fans. No matter if they robbed me of it, there is no better judgment than your eyes. People all over the world say to whom I am I know I’ve never lost. ”– Sergio Oliva

41. “I don’t want to be like a balloon and I don’t want to handle £ 300. Now I like Steve Reeves, he wasn’t as strong as Grimek, but he has a perfect physique Was. “– Sergio Oliva

42. To tell the truth, I was not an aggressive person in my life. I was big enough to keep it inconspicuous. – – Sergio Oliva

43. “I have never eaten. I didn’t need it because I was always working. Then I started studying and analyzing my body, so I did what metabolism I did. I knew if I had – I knew if it was fast or slow. I became my doctor and that’s why I set everything up my way. ”– Sergio Oliva

44. “My arms were so big that they were bigger than my head. I was the only one who was cold.” – Sergio Oliva

45. “I bought the magazine, got the pose routine that John (Grimek) and Steve Reeves were doing from the magazine, and put in both small combinations (of their routine) and my small combination. Is the way I started. Bodybuilding. “– Sergio Oliva

46. ​​”I’m not always really thin, but I’m always good and strong because I’ve always worked hard in my life. And I’m always very strong. But I have knowledge of weightlifting and bodybuilding. I didn’t. I was too poor to play sports. “– Sergio Oliva

47. “You don’t make money because they tell you it’s a profession (if you do). But for photo studio shots, they have the right to pay you, You could continue to be an amateur. “– Sergio Oliva

48. “When preparing Mr. Olympia, you feel at a high level that you feel like dynamite, and I’ve always felt good.” – Sergio Oliva

49. “People from Florida went to Cuba for the beach. The water was very clear. Cuba was connected to every country in the world. No problem. So especially have money A big change has happened to those who are. There was nothing. ”– Sergio Oliva

50. “I wanted to work, but I always kept my head straight. I wanted to work and I wanted to get the good things that Americans have. And I wanted to work for it – Sergio Oliva


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