50 Humble and inspirational quote from Lance Armstrong

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Lance Armstrong is a professional American cyclist, writer and speaker who was considered a symbol of sport by winning the Tour de France seven times in a row from 1999 to 2005. However, his reputation was damaged by the doping scandal and stripped of everything. His achievements.

Armstrong started swimming and running from an early age. He turned professional when he joined the Motorola team in 1992, and a year later he became the second youngest man to win a world road race.

Here is a collection of the most humble Lance Armstrong quotes:

50 Humble and inspirational quote from Lance Armstrong

1. “I want to be in a place where I can help people. It’s something I didn’t really care about advertising. It was advertised. I still do it almost every day. We do it on a one-to-one level. “– Lance Armstrong

2. “If the kids have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages, maybe we can all learn from them. What other options do you have when you think about it? Medicine? There are two options, both emotionally and emotionally, to give up or fight like hell. “– Lance Armstrong

3. “Hard work, sacrifice, and concentration never appear in the test.” – Lance Armstrong

4. “If you’re worried about falling off your bike, never ride.” – Lance Armstrong

5. “Winning is not just about the feet, but about the mind. You need to put it in the right place.” – Lance Armstrong

6. “I’m looking forward to the time when the attorney doesn’t answer the top three calls every day. All I care about is the kids’ school appearance, the weather, and a great day with my family.” – Lance Armstrong

7. “If you get a second chance for something in your life, you have to go all the way.” – Lance Armstrong

8. “I’m still frustrated in the sense that I think I can play some sports at a fairly high level that no one cares about. Nobody wants to hear me say that.” – Lance Armstrong

9. “If you go to Wikipedia and look at the Tour de France, World War I has this huge block with no winners, World War II has another block, and another World War. There seems to be. “- Lance Armstrong

10. “I wanted to beat the Tour de France. And once I won, I wanted to do it over and over again, but it went on, so there was no other competitive environment.” – – Lance Armstrong

10th quote from 50 Lance Armstrong

11. “If I was racing in 2015, no, I don’t think I need to, so I won’t do it again. If I were to bring me back in 1995, when doping was completely widespread, I would probably start over. Probably. “-Lance Armstrong

12. “I’m not trying to justify myself, I’m not sorry or despised.” – Lance Armstrong

13. “Sure, there was a completely regrettable and unforgivable dishonesty. Mastermind, Bullying: Not completely true.” – Lance Armstrong

14. “I don’t think anyone else in my generation said that a federal agent standing at their door with a badge and a gun said,” You’re going to answer my question. ” – – Lance Armstrong

15. “I don’t need a thousand fields. Anyone who needs help will be happy to help.” – Lance Armstrong

16. “I spent a lot of time building an organization [the Lance Armstrong Foundation that changed its name to Livestrong after his confession] To help many people. – – Lance Armstrong

17. “Cycling is so difficult, the suffering is so intense and absolutely cleansed. The pain is so deep and strong that the curtains come down on your brain … Someone rides me for a long time I asked him what kind of joy he felt.’Pleasure ??? I said. “” I don’t understand the question. “I didn’t do it for joy. I did it because of the pain. – – Lance Armstrong

18. “I want to ride my bike at 75mph and shout out the descent of the Alps, then carry the American flag on my back and the Texas star on my helmet and die at the age of 100.” – Lance Armstrong

19. “I tried to control the story.” – Lance Armstrong

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20. “At this point in my life, I’m not out to protect anyone. I’m out to protect seven people, and they all have Armstrong surnames.” –Lance ·Armstrong

21. “I had three things I wanted. I did my job and worked hard in the process, and I cherish my memories, and they are mine.” – Lance Armstrong

22. “The truth is that the triathlete won the Tour de France seven times.” – Lance Armstrong

23. “It was my decision, so I have to take responsibility for it. It’s one of the biggest mistakes in my life and there’s no reason I wanted to come back. There is no reason to do everything. ”– Lance Armstrong

24. “Cancer doesn’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat.” – Lance Armstrong

25. “The faster you pedal, the faster you will retire.” – Lance Armstrong

26. “I raced because I felt paid and had to work to get the job done. Second, I raced because I liked the process. Training I liked it, I liked the preparation for the race. I liked all of them. And the third competed for my memories. No matter what someone wants to give or rob, you are me Can’t take away the memory of. “– Lance Armstrong

27. “My mother told me … if you’re going somewhere, no one is going to do it for you, so you’ll have to do it yourself.” – – Lance Armstrong

28. “The pain is temporary. It may last for a minute, an hour, a day, or a year, but eventually subsides and something else replaces it, but If I quit, it will last forever. “– Lance Armstrong

29. “We have two options, medically and emotionally, to give up or fight like hell.” – Lance Armstrong

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30. “No one wants to hear how I think I was abused, or how I think my punishment should be lifted, tweaked, or reduced. Nobody wants to hear me say I don’t want to hear, no one cares what I think about this. Okay. “–Lance Armstrong

31. “I was thinking of quitting when I was diagnosed with cancer of the brain, lungs and testicles at the same time. But with the love and support of my friends and family, I returned to the bike and went to the Tour de France 5 I won the championship twice in a row, but I’m sure you have a good reason to quit. “– Lance Armstrong

32. “For some reason, it may be my story, but people associate Livestrong with exercise, fitness, health, and lifestyle choices.” – Lance Armstrong

33. “I believe that the mind empowers the body, and if the mind says it wants to do it, the body follows.” – Lance Armstrong

34. “The ban has nothing to do with my ability to work in Livestrong or the (cancer) community. Perhaps it speeds it up. I don’t see an example of an athlete who has fallen in the UK. Tiger Woods , Michael Vic, even Bill Clinton knows an example in the United States. People who are still there can work. “– Lance Armstrong

35. “Giving up was never an option.” – Lance Armstrong

36. “In everyone’s life, we have to say:’Sufficient.’ – Lance Armstrong

37. “When I made a decision, that is, when my teammates made that decision, and when the whole Peloton made that decision, it was a bad decision and an incomplete time, but it happened. . “- Lance Armstrong

38. “Everything in my life is in sight. OK, perspective is declining and flowing. I had a bad day, but the last few years haven’t. Bad days 1996 October 2, 2014: “We have bad news for you, you have advanced testicular cancer, and you have a chance to flip a coin toss to survive.” It’s a bad day .. – – Lance Armstrong

39. “I’m not thinking about anything obvious. Now I have only good or great days.” – Lance Armstrong

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40. “The truth is that if you were told to choose to win the Tour de France or win with cancer, you would choose cancer. Curiously, I’m a cancer survivor title rather than a tour winner. I want to have, because that’s what I did for me as a human being, a man, a husband, a son, and a father. “–Lance Armstrong

41. “Portland, Oregon cannot build a mile road without a mile bike path. You can commute to work anytime, even in that weather.” – Lance Armstrong

42. “From an athlete’s point of view, I don’t think I need to win another tour. For me, seven tours were a dream. Six broke records, so eight doesn’t make much sense.” – – Lance Armstrong

43. “We all want to be forgiven. There are a lot of really really bad people who want to be forgiven but never forgiven, and I may be in that camp.” – Lance Armstrong

44. “I will be happy every time I suffer.” – Lance Armstrong

45. “Eternity is a big word. I won’t go anywhere.” – Lance Armstrong

46. ​​”Anything is possible. You can say that you have a 90% chance or a 50% chance or a 1% chance, but you have to believe and you have to fight Hmm.” – Lance Armstrong

47. “Anyone who imagines that they can work alone will be surrounded by rivals without friends. In fact, no one can climb alone.” – Lance Armstrong

48. “The important thing is, ultimately, what the people on the street do collectively, whether it’s the cycling community or the cancer community, their thoughts are important.” – Lance Armstrong

49. “It’s harder for me, but I don’t think it’s essential for me to start a new movement or revive an old one to help people.” – Lance Armstrong

50. “My actions and reactions, and the way I dealt with specific scenarios, were so out of place that I deserved some punishment.” – Lance Armstrong


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