50 Incredible Bill Nighy Quotes (Updated 2020)

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Bill Nighy is an American television presenter, science communicator, and entertainer.

Widely known as the host of PBS and Syndicated Children’s Science Show “Bill Nye the Science Guy”. The show aired 100 episodes over five seasons from 1993 to 1998.

Since then, Bill has built a career as a writer, educator, orator, and television presenter. He holds several PhDs from Johns Hopkins University, Lehigh University, and Willamette University for his contributions to science and has been honored by many universities.

This is the most incredible collection of Bill Nighy quotes:

50 Incredible Bill Nighy Quotes

1. “Burning oil, gas, especially carbon-based materials such as coal produces billions of tons of extra carbon dioxide each year. Cows, pigs and other animals on our large farms. Is also released into the atmosphere, trapping much of the sun’s energy as heat. “– Bill Nighy

2. “Evolution is a theory and a theory that can be tested. We have tested evolution in many ways. We cannot provide good evidence that evolution is not a fact.” – Bill Nighy

3. “I hope climate science will be big. And what I want is for electricians to solve the world’s energy and energy distribution problems. Give mechanical engineers a better transportation system. I want them to be made. I want chemical engineers to develop better solar panels, etc. “- Bill Nighy

4. “I’ve always loved planes and planes. As a kid, space planning was really important to me. There are still pictures of Armstrong and Aldrin on the moon in the living room.” – Bill Nighy

5. “Looking back at all the teachers you liked, you would find them very interesting.” – Bill Nighy

6. “NASA is an engine of innovation and inspiration, one of the world’s leading space exploration agencies, and how to do it, rather than turning it into a mere employment program or, worse, reducing NASA. Well serviced by politicians working to maintain. Budget. “– Bill Nighy

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7. “TV is neither good nor bad in nature. You go to a bookstore, there are thousands of books, but how many of them do you want? Five? TV is the same. If you’re trying to show people’s things, TV is the way to go. Words and pictures show things. “-Bill Nighy

8. “It is very difficult to actually land a spacecraft in another world, and losing its ability can be painful.” – Bill Nighy

9. “I’m fascinating when Rush Limbaugh says I’m not a scientist-I grin.”- Bill Nighy

10. “You are wearing a black tie and you are wearing a bow tie. A bow tie with a black tie is more formal than a straight tie with a black tie.” – Bill Nighy

11. “As you may know, I’m a mechanical engineer.” – Bill Nighy

12. “Everyone supports red states, blue states, everyone supports space exploration.” – Bill Nighy

13. “When I was a kid, I had a severe attack of athlete’s foot infection, so I change my socks frequently. I change my socks less often and may not get moldy. But how often I change my socks. I don’t want to run a test to determine if. I don’t feel superstitious about it. “– Bill Nighy

14. “I worked in a comedy club for several years, if I could use the term” work “. At some point it was halfway. I never did that. I was never a headliner. In my opinion, I haven’t made enough time to write enough good material. – – Bill Nighy

15. “If you have this idea that the Earth is only 6,000 years old, you are denying everything you can touch and see, if you do. You are not paying attention to what is happening in the universe around you. “– Bill Nighy

16. “My dad was a very good boy scout. He was very good at knotting and taught me how to tie a bow tie.” – Bill Nighy

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17. “It is inappropriate to teach creationism in science classes as an alternative to evolution.” – Bill Nighy

18. “Nothing is more strongly believed to get young people interested in science and engineering for a better tomorrow, for all humanity.” – Bill Nighy

19. “I strongly feel that the reaction of the audience is very different when wearing jeans and a T-shirt than when wearing a sports coat and tie.” – Bill Nighy

20. “You will stop exploring the planet, those people who do that extraordinary work will have to do something else.” – Bill Nighy

21. “When I was a kid at the 1965 World’s Fair, I missed the world population clock rolling over from 2,999,999,999 to 3 billion. I was really disappointed.” – Bill Nighy

22. “Anyone who is a doctor and wants to make a vaccine and find a cure for cancer. Anyone who wants to get medical care for humanity before the age of 10 I had that passion. “– Bill Nighy

23. “I’ve always liked show biz and had to make some training movies in Boeing. Soon after, I came up with the idea of ​​a science show for kids aged 8-12.” – Bill Nighy

24. “I used to play the ultimate Frisbee and got a reputation for making popcorn at parties. I’m not bragging about it, but I make popcorn in a pot so it comes out every time. ”– Bill Nighy

25. “If the Earth is attacked by an asteroid, it’s game over. It’s a control-alt-delete for civilization.” – Bill Nighy

26. “It is important that our children are raised to be educated and balanced taxpayers who understand the importance of technology and science.” – Bill Nighy

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27. “Since the process of observation and reasoning about our origins and the nature of the universe disproves creationism in every way, taxes aimed at science education are to teach creationism as an actual explanation of nature. Do not use. “-Bill Nai

28. “There is good evidence that Venus once had liquid water and a much thinner atmosphere, like Earth billions of years ago. But today, the surface of Venus is as dry as bone. There is a cloud of sulfuric acid that is hot enough to melt the lead, reaching a height of 100 miles, and the air is as thick as 900 meters deep in the ocean. “– Bill Nighy

29. “What makes the United States great is why people want to live in the United States, and we’re still moving here because we have the ability to innovate.” – Bill Nighy

30. “You can religiously believe what you want. Religion is one thing, but science, provable science is another.” – Bill Nighy

31. “I wore a straight tie the first few times after coming up with the idea of ​​becoming a Bill Nye the Science Guy. Then I realized this and started wearing a bow tie. – – Bill Nighy

32. “Climate variability is happening and humans are causing it. I think this is probably the most serious environmental problem we are facing.” – Bill Nighy

33. “Humor is everywhere, and almost everything that humans do is ironic.” – Bill Nighy

34. “I really believe in science. It’s faith. It’s a religion-like awe. But as we always say, it’s out of us, as far as we know. It differs from religion in that it exists. It has objective quality, a scientific process. “– Bill Nighy

35. “If NASA reaches beyond the moon and someday reaches Mars, it must be relieved of the burden of launching people and cargo into low earth orbit. To do so, invest more in private spaceflight. is needed.” – Bill Nighy

36. “It’s okay if you’re an adult and choose not to believe in science, but don’t let your kids learn about science and come to their own conclusions.” – Bill Nighy

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37. “Science is the key to our future, and if you don’t believe in science, you’re restraining everyone.” – Bill Nighy

38. “The more you know about the world, the more chances you have to laugh at it.” – Bill Nighy

39. “We talk about the internet. It comes from science. Weather forecasts. It comes from science. The main idea of ​​all biology is evolution. Don’t teach it to our youth Is wrong. “– Bill Nighy

40. “There was a lot of talk because of the prolonged winter on the spring lap.” – Bill Nighy

41. “Anyway, two and a half years have a lot of experience in causing confusion.” – Bill Nighy

42. “But investing in space stimulates society, financially, intellectually, and gives us all our passion.” – Bill Nighy

43. “Evolution is the basic idea in all life sciences and all biology.” – Bill Nighy

44. “I think of myself as someone who can think critically, that is, who can appreciate the claim.” – Bill Nighy

45. “I have no problem with anyone’s religion, but if I claim that the earth is only 10,000 years old, that’s a mistake.” – Bill Nighy

46. ​​“If you want adults to recycle, tell your children the importance of recycling, and they will be able to do it all.” – Bill Nighy

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47. “One of the drawbacks of English is that you can’t spell things out by listening.” – Bill Nighy

48. “Information obtained from social media is not a substitute for academic disciplines.” – Bill Nighy

49. “Unlike science, creationism is unpredictable and cannot provide a satisfactory answer to the past.” – Bill Nighy

50. “When you see a shadow in an image, do you see the time 11 minutes ago on Mars, or are you looking at the time on Mars observed from Earth? It’s a matter of time travel in a science fiction. When is it now? When was it? ”– Bill Nighy


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