50 Inspiring Sergi Constance & Athletic Quotes (2020)

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Serge Constance is a Spanish bodybuilder, model, entrepreneur and fitness expert. Constance is considered one of the most famous fitness models in the world.

He was featured on the covers of “Iron Man” magazine and “Muscle & Fitness”. He has also appeared in movies such as “Justice League” and “Summertime”.

The collection of the most inspiring Serge Constance citations is:

50 inspiring Serge Constance and Athlete Quotes

1. “I use several types of proteins depending on the time of day.” – Serge Constance

2. “Thanks to many years of consistent diet and training, I was able to achieve today’s body.” – Serge Constance

3. “I always play a lot of sports and started training in the gym to get in shape.” – Serge Constance

4. “Keep training hard to enable my best body and win the” physique “competition in the United States. – – Serge Constance

5. “The best advice I give to people is to be patient. The results are not immediate, but with effort and consistency, the improvement is clear.” – Serge Constance

6. “I’m proud of my career. I also won several championships in bodybuilding… junior and“ male physique ”in Spain this year. – – Serge Constance

7. “Cardio is great for burning fat and staying healthy.” – Serge Constance

8. “I have times when I need to grow, but I don’t like to stay lean all the time and look fat or unhealthy.” – Serge Constance

9. “Today, we are very accessible to see photos, videos, and countless materials through the internet, websites, and social networks.” – Serge Constance

10th of the 50 Serge Constance quotes

10. “One of my favorite products like pre-training is V-rox, which promotes training intensity and congestion.” – Serge Constance

11. “When I train, I listen to music. I love listening to rock, house and hip hop, and I feel like training hard.” – Serge Constance

12. “In Spain, it’s still a little to decide that my intention is to compete at the international level.” – Serge Constance

13. “When I was young, I wanted to grow bigger, so I applied for a local gym.” – Serge Constance

14. “The three exercises I enjoy most are quadriceps squats, pectoral tilt presses, and lateral elevation of the shoulders. Despite the discomfort, the sensations and results are very clear. Because it looks like. Pumping and generalized congestion. “– Serge Constance

15. “I usually listen to music during training sessions. I think environmental factors are very important in this sport. That is, the music you hear determines our mood and motivation.” – Serge Constance

16. “I like to train all my muscles once a week, except for the legs, which I train twice a week. Do it with a quadriceps and hamstrings a day with a quad and one. Day hamstrings, or split into two days a week. “- Serge Constance

17. “When I try to reduce, I don’t do aerobic exercise. But by including a superset in my training program, I’m increasing the intensity of weight training. But more importantly, the right diet. – – Serge Constance

18. “Like everyone, I have a goal of how I want to be physical. Visualize that goal through other athletes who have that level or have already achieved it. That is a source of motivation for me. “– Serge Constance

19. “The bodybuilder that inspires me is Evancentopani.” – Serge Constance

50 Serge Constance Quotes 20

20. “We are also proud of the covers of our magazines so far.” – Serge Constance

21. “I had bodybuilding in my blood and was gradually focusing on becoming my favorite sport, the athlete.” – Serge Constance

22. “I started training at the age of 17-18, but it wasn’t the right way to do it. Little by little, what I should and shouldn’t do, and another basic to reach my goals. I learned a part of the diet. The purpose you propose. ”– Serge Constance

23. “There is nothing better than organizing all the plans for our purposes and recognizing when we are in those plans.” – Serge Constance

24. “My workouts are based on intense, heavy and basic workouts: 15-6 repetitions with a 1 minute break and exercises that are always performed with free weights.” – Serge Constance

25. “The fitness lifestyle is very rewarding and I have loved every part of the journey.” – Serge Constance

26. “If I want to be the best, I think I need to push that weight to UPPPPPPPPPPP !!!!” – Serge Constance

27. “I just went to the muscle groups that touched me and trained, and did not follow my exercise plan.” – Serge Constance

28. “It gives you a great upper body pump, and is also good for building the upper chest muscles that many people lack.” – Serge Constance

29. “My ultimate motivation comes from my inner goal of one day becoming a world-famous fitness model and having the best physique in the industry.” – Serge Constance

50 Serge Constance Quotes 30

30. “I usually use a variety of supplements throughout the day.” – Serge Constance

31. “Keep motivated with short-term goals. Motivation makes everything easy.” – Serge Constance

32. “Learn and improve step by step to get the best possible body” – Serge Constance

33. “The second mistake was on a diet. I didn’t eat what my body needed to recover and evolve.” – Serge Constance

34. “My fans are also the inspiration for me to push myself stronger every day in a row.” – Serge Constance

35. “My service as a coach for me was successful and exceeded my expectations, and very much to all the clients I trusted me to achieve their goals. I am grateful.” – Serge Constance

36. “After a few weeks of intense training, I became obsessed with bodybuilding and eventually decided to focus on creating the best possible body.” – Serge Constance

37. “We recommend all kinds of proteins from the Powerfit brand because they are of high quality and have perfectly accurate flavor and texture.” – Serge Constance

38. “My cardio training is either medium-low intensity continuous type or I also use HIIT type.” – Serge Constance

39. “For me, I’ve always liked Michael O’Hane’s profile. Equivalent size and aesthetics.” – Serge Constance

40th of the 50 Serge Constance quote

40. “This is another great exercise that acts on many important muscle groups, such as the hamstrings, gluteal muscles, back, and traps.” – Serdi Constance

41. “I usually listen to heavy rock on days when I want to be very strong and hip-hop techno house.” – Serge Constance

42. “The first major mistake I made was a training mess. My training was unplanned and was for short / medium term purposes.” – Serge Constance

43. “On the contrary, there is no specific area I emphasize. On the contrary, I think it can be improved somewhat in each muscle group.” – Serge Constance

44. “I am motivated by putting dates on my calendar in a short period of time and training to eat and rest for photography, competitions, important events and more. – – Serge Constance

45. “The mistake I made was overtraining and I didn’t eat enough to help my body grow.” – Serge Constance

46. ​​“Low intensity aerobic exercise worked well for me. I do aerobic exercise three times a week for 30-45 minutes on a sloping treadmill.” – Serge Constance

47. “At the work level, I will continue to receive suggestions, in which I will travel to the United States and take pictures with key photographers in the fitness sector. At a competitive level, fitness athletes. I decided to lead my career as a photographer. Compete in the category of male physique. “- Serge Constance

48. “I am always a very competitive person, and when I set a goal, I do whatever it takes to achieve it!” – Serge Constance

49. “I’m proud to be able to train my muscles while maintaining my main purpose of aesthetics.” – Serge Constance

50. “To build an aesthetic body, you need a great set of legs. Squats are the king of all leg exercises.” – Serge Constance


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