50 Light-Hearted Anthony Mackie Quotes (2020)

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Anthony Mackie is an American actor and film producer. He has won several awards, including the Black Reel Award for Best Supporting Actor. He is best known for playing Sam Wilson / Falcon in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”.

Mackie has many features such as “8 Mile,” “The Hurt Locker,” “Night Catches Us,” “The Adjustment Bureau,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” and “Captain.” Appeared in a movie. America: Civil War “.

The collection of Anthony Mackie’s best citations is:

50 Light Heart Anthony Mackie Quote

1. “I went to school, got good grades, went to college, so the hard work of my parents gave me an opportunity that most people don’t have.” – Anthony Mackie

2. “Most of my movies are indie. The best screenplay I can find is an independent movie. But I love high budget movies and I love craft services!” – Anthony Mackie

3. “Being an Avenger doesn’t really have a hierarchy. Everyone can make decisions, and while one jumps in and saves the day, instead of standing there, everyone is in a position to save the day. Placed. You “Thank you for your hard work!” The Avengers are really a team effort. – – Anthony Mackie

4. “I exercise every day just to get in shape. I don’t want to get stuck in the position of calling Anthony Mackie when I need a good person. It’s not my career calling card. It was, and I don’t want to be. “– Anthony Mackie

5. “If you invest in a neighborhood where everyone lives, the United States will be a magical place.” – Anthony Mackie

6. “I’ve been very vocal about my role, and my very clever expression is that I didn’t go to Juilliard to become the movie” The Devil’s Path # 2. ” – – Anthony Mackie

7. “I’m neither Josh Brolin nor Ryan Gosling. They’re noir than I am.” – Anthony Mackie

8. “Looking at the true essence of the Black Panther Party, they were more community protection groups.” – Anthony Mackie

9. “This rapper is from New Orleans Mystic. Listen to his music and hear his voice. Whenever you want to be hyped, wear Mystic.” – Anthony Mackie

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10. “I like being challenged. I think about 40% of the roles I played were written for white men.” – Anthony Mackie

11. “When watching a movie, most of the time, the best character in the movie is not the” man “, but the man next to him. – – Anthony Mackie

12. “I grew up with an entrepreneurial spirit. My dad was in the roofing business. I grew up thinking I didn’t want anyone to tell me what I could and couldn’t do.” – Anthony Mackie

13. “I’m definitely neither a muscle builder nor anyone interested in becoming a muscle builder. It feels good to go back to normal size. I’m a normal 34 waist man, not a hipster or buff guy size. – – Anthony Mackie

14. “I love my job. If I have the opportunity to work with people I admire, it’s ten times better.” – Anthony Mackie

15. “Whatever the reason people join the military, I couldn’t understand the concept of aligning your life. Some people just want to pay the bill, others their country. Some believe it, others do it because their parents did it, but that’s a rough idea. “– Anthony Mackie

16. “The great thing about it is that in Hollywood, certain people are very good at maintaining their lives and who is very private. It’s as cool in Hollywood as Matt Damon. I’ve never met anyone. “– Anthony Mackie

17. “In every movie I’ve done, I’m still recognized above all from the” Low & Order “episode. It won’t fail. – – Anthony Mackie

18. “When you put dollars between you and your friends, your cohort, money always changes the game.” – Anthony Mackie

19. “Every time I get angry, I grab a hammer and make a bookshelf or something.” – Anthony Mackie

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20. “What was interesting, when you go to the gym, you just see all these huge people. There is no way for people to be that way naturally. At the gym, you meet these people and with them Talk, and everyone is really happy and open to explain to you which cycle they are in and help you ride it. “– Anthony Mackie

21. “Sometimes difficult when in normal high school, you just feel like a weird kid. The great thing about going to art school [is] It’s like weird kids. It’s all the kids who don’t fit in a regular school because you’re crazy about something and are excited that the other kids aren’t really crazy. When you go to art school, it’s like everyone is on the same page. – – Anthony Mackie

22. “I like movies. Movies have given me a little extravagance. The thing about movies is that if you’re bad at movies, you’re forever bad.” – Anthony Mackie

23. “So I feel that success is opportunity and preparation, so work produces work, and as long as you are prepared, it will continue on your path.” – Anthony Mackie

24. “I firmly believe that men in suits look great. People in their late 40s feel like they’re just dressed to do everything.” – Anthony Mackie

25. “Some people just want to pay the bill, some believe in their own country, others do it because their parents did it, but that’s a rough idea.” – Anthony Mackie

26. “If you have the opportunity to be an actor and do a cool, fun and interesting project, I’ll do it.” – Anthony Mackie

27. “As an actor, the great thing about our career is that it changes from role to role. I don’t want to be told,” I have a good abs so I’m in the movies. ” – – Anthony Mackie

28. “I am a poet. I am just a Renaissance man in my heart. I can make shelves and write poetry.” – Anthony Mackie

29. “I don’t understand how people get so involved in taking pictures.” – Anthony Mackie

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30. “Hollywood is a business and it won’t happen until someone puts your finger on you and decides you’re the guy who’s going to carry the movie.” – Anthony Mackie

31. “It’s a different way of thinking about cool things. When talking to a girl who goes to normal school, the cool thing is whether she’s been in jail or has a car. With a girl who goes to art school. When talking, what’s cool for her is that if you’re doing an art project with your dad on the weekends and you can build something, it’s nonstandard. “– Anthony Mackie

32. “Not many people like their work and really like the people they work with.” – Anthony Mackie

33. “Young actors, especially young black actors, are subject to many restrictions and stigma.” – Anthony Mackie

34. “By playing someone real, you can bring him all sorts of nuances and things that you can get from sources, etc., but the more popular or known that person is, the more impossible it is. The goal is to get it right. ”– Anthony Mackie

35. “Everyone knows when they appear in Spike Lee’s movies. You’ll blow up. But I’m the only one to lead two Spike Lee movies that no one has ever seen. – – Anthony Mackie

36. “Acting is the only medium people think they can do because they can just stand up and say the lines, but it’s not. You need to study styles and techniques. – – Anthony Mackie

37. “For me, Christmas is family, affection, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, and compassion.” – Anthony Mackie

38. “I’m enjoying where I am now and it’s okay to be Steve Buscemi, Stanley Tucci, Don Cheadle, Jeffrey Wright. They aren’t the leaders of all the movies they appear in, but you Every time I see them they are really good. “– Anthony Mackie

39. “At Juilliard, I couldn’t afford to have fun. I went to school and stayed home.” – Anthony Mackie

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40. “I think you can only make a call when the person you are talking to is making a call. I want to go out if I meet in the middle.” – Anthony Mackie

41. “I firmly believe in people who love my work.” – Anthony Mackie

42. “I made this movie called’Soccer Free City’with Spike Lee, and it must be my favorite role. Working with Spike and filming in San Francisco It was a lot of fun to do. “– Anthony Mackie

43. “I’m not Martin Luther King. I can’t be Martin Luther King. All I can do is show what I feel is the essence of Martin Luther King.” – Anthony Mackie

44. “Do you want to be an actor or a celebrity? I made that decision when I went to The Juilliard. I wanted to be an actor, so I had the opportunity to be an actor, cool, fun and entertaining. If I do a project, I’ll do it. “– Anthony Mackie

45. “If acting goes wrong, I have a future of construction.” – Anthony Mackie

46. ​​”Practice improvisation more than you learn your own lines, because there is no way to learn all these lines in a short amount of time. What you know and what you don’t know, and You need to understand what you don’t know. Come up with three alternative lines or improvise so that you can place them there. “– Anthony Mackie

47. “The homeless reach the depths of despair, but it also has pride and beauty.” – Anthony Mackie

48. “As actors, all we can do is play the truth at that moment, because playing the future or acting that the audience knows what they don’t know will always kill the illusion of reality. is.” – Anthony Mackie

49. “I got a job as soon as I graduated from school. I loved listening to people and always wanted to be a bartender, how terrible their lives were.” – Anthony Mackie

50. “The choices we make throughout our lives, those who intersect us in our way, change what our destiny is, so some of us we take the way. We are lucky enough to make the choices we make to keep going. “– Anthony Mackie


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