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David Portnoy is an American sports media figure and internet entrepreneur who is the founder of the digital sports conglomerate Barthtool Sports.

Portnoy is best known for his popular Twitter accounts and posts comedy sports content for his followers. In addition to his success, he launched a pizza review series called “One Bite with Davey Pageviews”.

Here is a collection of the most motivational Dave Portnoy quotes:

50 Motivational Dave Port Neu Quote

1. “Few other websites have a readership like we do.” – Dave Portnoy

2. “It’s strange. Some feminists like bar stools and some feminists don’t like bar stools.” – Dave Portnoy

3. “We are a comedy site and we make fun of all races, religions, beliefs and genders. We make fun of it equally.” – Dave Portnoy

4. “We are a comedy brand that entertains everyone.” – Dave Portnoy

5. “I make a decision that no one else has a stomach to do.” – Dave Portnoy

6. “We don’t step back from the dispute-we fuel the fire. People don’t want us to get in the way of us to create it, but we don’t. . “- Dave Portnoy

7. “I feel more and more looking at the Neapolitan style, which I call” fancy pizza. ” It’s not my tea. I think the taste is all the same. – – Dave Portnoy

8. “We are tired of telling others what to laugh at.” – Dave Portnoy

9. “There are always lines that cannot be crossed. Being told or written from a place of hatred is an unacceptable behavior in Barthur.” – Dave Portnoy

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10. “I like coal-fired. I’m definitely a coal-fired guy in general. Don’t sprinkle crispy, generous sauces. But a well-made coal-fired pizza is my jam. “-Dave Portnoy

11. “Everything the NFL touches probably needs us to get involved … we always get a frowning message when working with the Barstools Sport.” – Dave Portnoy

12. “I go on toes with our group, men aged 18-35, with anyone in the Boston media.” – Dave Portnoy

13. “Birthtool sports people are the average group of Joes and, like most people, love sports, gambling, golf, and chasing short skirts.” – Dave Portnoy

14. “If you’re ordering a chain, you’re a bad guy. Everyone lives near a better pizzeria than a chain. They can’t stand up to a local pizzeria.” – Dave Portnoy

15. “The simplest thing to say is” I’m sorry. ” We don’t do that. – – Dave Portnoy

16. “I think we represent Silent Majority.” – Dave Portnoy

17. “If you sell a T-shirt, it means you thought it was a huge event that resonated with our crowd.” – Dave Portnoy

18. “I want to make a boat full of money, and maybe I want to make it on a senior tour, live on the island and get a bigger Nantucket house.” – Dave Portnoy

19. “I love Boston, but it’s a small city for personality, video, and anything else we want to embrace.” – Dave Portnoy

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20. “We make it very clear. We don’t want our fans to exaggerate. But someone says,” I can’t wait for Dave Portnoy to go out of business. ” If so, fans can say, “You’re the worst.” – Dave Portnoy

21. “You probably won’t be on ESPN. You’ve burned too many bridges. That’s good.” – Dave Portnoy

22. “I really don’t turn my other cheek, so when I feel attacked, I don’t retreat.” – Dave Portnoy

23. “People know I’m a Jake Paul guy. I respect people who hijack the internet. This guy may hate more than I do. I too. I love it.” – Dave Portnoy

24. “We really want Barstool Sports to be a brand that means something. Not just ourselves … you can see the logo, barstools and the stars around them, a certain kind of atmosphere , You can see that you have a certain kind of brand. ”– Dave Portnoy

25. “There are a lot of PC police. There are a lot,” You can’t do this, you can’t do it. “We are the exact opposite. – – Dave Portnoy

26. “It was our belief that if we brought something good, fans would love it and we would go.” – Dave Portnoy

27. “Advertising revenue is important, but we want to be independent.” – Dave Portnoy

28. “Our readers understand what we are doing and don’t think about what it looks like to the outside world. I really don’t care.” – Dave Portnoy

29. “This is exactly why bar stool sports must exist. We are one of the few places on the internet and we do not let the agenda direct our actions.” – Dave Portnoy

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30. Everyone says,’ESPN isn’t cool and no one pays attention to ESPN. They’re all paying attention to the world’s bar stools.’ Why? Because it’s real. “– Dave Portnoy

31. If you sign someone who is known to be punk and jerk, you can’t complain like “Hey, punk jerk behaves like punk jerk!”. – – Dave Portnoy

32. “I like to see Roger Goodell’s squirm.” – Dave Portnoy

33. “We have a long history of our reputation that speaks for itself.” – Dave Portnoy

34. “The fact that Manti Te’o had long thought he was dating like a fake girl, but she died and praised her, but the girl didn’t exist. In essence, it was. It means interesting. “– Dave Portnoy

35. “We have this enthusiastic fan base that we want to succeed, so they get it. They have free content and we do Get it to get everything-whether it’s a blog or a podcast-we need money. We need ads. I want to hire Michael Lapaport. So what to guess, you need income to do it. “– Dave Portnoy

36. “Talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere.” – Dave Portnoy

37. “All patriot fans look down on Goodell.” – Dave Portnoy

38. “When did you say you didn’t want to sell out? I’m the most honest, and when I get the chance, I say,” I’ll sell it completely on your face. ” – – Dave Portnoy

39. “Everything related to the NFL is banned. Whether it’s Media Day or TV show negotiations, we know that no one likes us, so with us I’m afraid of the NFL in my relationship. “- Dave Portnoy

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40. “We don’t take ourselves very seriously and see working in bar stool sports as a way to avoid being a slave to cubicle life.” – Dave Portnoy

41. “The motto is to control our destiny and do new things, where we talk directly with consumers and do not rely on advertising revenue.” – Dave Portnoy

42. “I don’t know who lives in Miami and how, because no one sleeps.” – Dave Portnoy

43. “No matter how hard you try, you can’t put a bar stool in the box.” – Dave Portnoy

44. “When I first used Viva La Stool, I was proud of something. People grabbed it, and it became an organic virus.” – Dave Portnoy

45. “Everyone hates Goodell. He unifies all patriot fans, all New England, and everyone hates him equally. He really hates him.” – Dave Portnoy

46. ​​”I’ve always wanted to find something that I can wake up and don’t dislike. Dislike your work was probably my nightmare scenario.” – Dave Portnoy

47. “There is no union in Barstoolsports. No one is trying to form a union in Barstoolsports.” – Dave Portnoy

48. “I thought I needed a website because everyone was doing it.” – Dave Portnoy

49. “There is no real money difference between a chain and a local pizzeria unless you get a slice of dollars.” – Dave Portnoy

50. “You determine the location of the pizza with their cheese slices.” – Dave Portnoy


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