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Peter Jones is a British television host, entrepreneur and businessman with an interest in mobile phones, television, media, leisure, retail and real estate. He is an investor in the BBC Two television show “Dragon’s Den” and the American television series “American Inventor.”

In addition, he has appeared on programs such as “Dragon’s Den”, “American Inventor”, “Tycoon”, “Peter Jones Meets …”.

The collection of the most motivational Peter Jones citations for success is:

50 Motivational Peter Jones Quotes for Entrepreneurs

1. “One of the biggest reasons entrepreneurs aren’t successful is because they have too many chiefs.” – Peter john

2. “When I was eight, my parents saved me to send me to a private school, but I often had a hard time walking through the back fence to Windsor’s father’s office four miles. It lasted only a few terms, but it didn’t suppress my ambitions. “– Peter Jones

3. “I passed the Lawn Tennis Association coaching exam and persuaded my local club to use the court after school and on Saturday.” – Peter Jones

4. “You have to do research. You need to understand the market and know your competitors.” – Peter Jones

5. “My kids will certainly not have money. They don’t need it.” – Peter Jones

6. “I run my business every day and think I’m a caregiver, not a firefighter, but in reality, someone didn’t succeed and did the right thing for the lost business If you continue, they are affecting the lives of others, so work. “- Peter Jones

7. “To make the right decision, you need to bring in the right person.” – Peter Jones

8. “American Inventor”, the show I came up with started in 2006. It brings together a jury, including the legendary George Foreman, and all of America’s greatest and wacky inventions. – – Peter Jones

9. “Being an entrepreneur is probably the most lonely thing you can do.” – Peter Jones

10th of Peter Jones’ 50 quotes

10. “One of the things that makes me a little frustrated in business is to use words like innovation. Young people often think that innovation is something new. , In fact it isn’t. It’s doing better than your competition. “– Peter Jones

11. “If someone comes to’Dragon’s Den’and bothers me, I’ll tell them exactly what I think.” – Peter Jones

12. “Start having a passion, not something you are not interested in.” – Peter Jones

13. “I have played a big and growing role in making my business attractive and even sexy.” – Peter Jones

14. “People have dreams. Young people have a big vision for their future. Many of them are not necessarily Robbie Williams, but they can be good businessmen and businesswomen. You know that there is. ”– Peter Jones

15. “When shooting’Dragon’s Den’, we work flat until 8 pm, but we love to see strange, wonderful, and obvious delusions.” – Peter Jones

16. “So I got my first job at the age of 28 and tried to think about what I was trying to do. I had never worked for anyone, so I wrote a resume and told everyone I decided to send it. “- Peter Jones

17. “Many people say you were born as an entrepreneur. You either have that gene. I really disagree with it.” – Peter Jones

18. “When people suggest their ideas in T-shirts and jeans, it shows that they don’t care.” – Peter Jones

19. “My first memory is that I was sitting in my dad’s chair in a small office. I used to imagine picking up the phone and issuing commands. And I was just I was 7 years old. “– Peter Jones

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20. “I passionately believe that you should start a company that you really believe in.” – Peter Jones

twenty one. “I think a lot of people are getting tired of audition-based shows alongside’Strictly Come Dancing’and’X-Factor’. I know I’m here, but’Dragon’s Den’ Unlike other shows, it’s basically genuine, so it has a longer shelf life than all shows. – – Peter Jones

22. “We have all been given everything and have seen a spoiled little kid getting a Ferrari on his 17th birthday, all of which I can’t stand. – – Peter Jones

23. “Business is more than just money. It’s about being creative and innovative.” – Peter Jones

24. “Whenever I invest, I invest in people and businesses.” – Peter Jones

25. “When I grew up in the town of Maidenhead, Berkshire in the 1980s, I was hooked on tennis. It was the time of Borg and McEnroe. I spent hours hitting the ball against the wall, I imagined I was defeating both. “– Peter Jones

26. “Meet more people and influence your business so you can scale faster.” – Peter Jones

27. “I’ve seen celebrities whose friends change as they succeed, but my friends haven’t changed for over 30 years. I had friends when I was 14, and I meet my family regularly. – – Peter Jones

28. “All young people can benefit from hands-on business knowledge, especially from the poorest parts of the country.” – Peter Jones

29. “Business is about making money, but it’s also about having fun, so let’s spread the character.” – Peter Jones

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30. “The first thing I thought was to make a computer. I started making computers at home when I was 17 or 18 and started making IBM compatibles. Then I started selling computers. I think it’s a company called Ligo. They were selling a blockbuster system. “– Peter Jones

31. “I lost my computer business at the age of 29 because I gave credit to a company I didn’t investigate. I lost my home and had to move with my parents, then I went to the office for six months. I lived. “– Peter Jones

32. “I started my business in tennis. When I was 16 and tried to embark on A level, I founded the Tennis Academy and was one of the youngest qualified tennis coaches in the country. Became a person. It worked. By the time I was 19, I was able to buy my first home. “– Peter Jones

33. “For many young people, hands-on training and experience are the real path to employability, not college education.” – Peter Jones

34. “I want to incorporate business and entrepreneurship into the national curriculum and will continue to work with the government until that happens.” – Peter Jones

35. “I never thought I would be a TV entrepreneur.” – Peter Jones

36. “I have certainly learned that nothing is more important than cash. Cash flow issues are one of the biggest causes of company failure.” – Peter Jones

37. “I’m not a political gamer. I absolutely believe in one way of directness.” – Peter Jones

38. “I always use the word feedback instead of failure.” – Peter Jones

39. “I played at county level at 6 feet 7 inches and was a bit like a giraffe on a tennis court.” – Peter Jones

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40. “If you want to decide for yourself where to work, what to do, what to make, what to buy, being able to make money is an important factor.” – Peter Jones

41. “I don’t want young people to think that life is all about money. Life means that you can give yourself choice.” – Peter Jones

42. “Through my career, some of my best hires have bypassed traditional college routes and learned skills through apprenticeships and alternative education courses.” – Peter Jones

43. “My father is an air conditioner and after we lived in Langley’s three-bedroom terrace house, we moved to a four-bedroom house in Maidenhead, where our parents still live.” – Peter Jones

44. “I want my children to be polite, respectful, and stand on their feet.” – Peter Jones

45. “Knowledge-based apprentices begin their careers. For example, see Karen Millen, a British fashion designer who learned her crafts through the apprenticeship system.” – Peter Jones

46. ​​“I find it very difficult to see myself on TV.” – Peter Jones

47. “When I was 12, I worked with someone-it was actually an English teacher at my school, John Woodward. He was all about the best Porsche and success at school. It was very interesting to me to know how he did it because he was the only teacher with the trap. He was probably the wealthiest English teacher in the community. “– Peter Jones

48. “The UK lacks the basic belief that anyone can do it. What we need is a British dream. Give young people courage and ambition.” – Peter Jones

49. “When you make a loss, or when you have an unsuccessful business, it’s about knowing when to stop and do something else.” – Peter Jones

50. “We need to spend a lot of time teaching entrepreneurs how to teach. It’s not easy, so we need to respect our teachers very much.” – Peter Jones


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