50 Tom Ellis quotes about acting and life (2020)

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Tom Ellis is a Wales actor best known for his role as Lucifer Morning Star in the 2015 series Lucifer.

He has appeared on both television and movies, including No Angels, The Passion, Harley Street, Monday Monthly, Merlin, The Faders, Gates, Rush Buffalo Soldiers, I’ll Be There, and Miss Conception. In 2016, he was nominated for the Choice TV Teen Choice Award: Breakout Star for Lucifer.

The collection of Tom Ellis’ most inspirational quotes is:

50 Tom Ellis quotes about acting and life

1. “This may sound very boring, but I play golf at a club called Sandy Lodge, right next to Moor Park Station in Hertfordshire. It makes me feel at home and thinks nothing else. It’s a place. “– Tom ellis

2. “As an actor, I wanted to work with cable shows and writers / directors because it’s a much more fulfilling and free experience.” – Tom ellis

3. “I’m not an exaggerated man. I don’t take it very seriously. But that doesn’t stop me from doing what I sometimes regret, for example, goodbye. I want to have a child and a child, fall in love, and spend the rest of my life with others. It’s pretty difficult. “– Tom ellis

4. “As an actor, I enjoy diversity. That’s a big deal for me, so if you’re committed to giving something your name and spending a lot of time It has to be fun and valuable. If not, what’s the point? ”– Tom ellis

5. “It’s an old joke: all the evil people in the movie are British.” – Tom ellis

6. “Many actors will want to play a villain rather than a protagonist. If you are a character, it has no effect. So saying something specific to a specific person is a kind of liberation. There is a feeling. I think doing it is always very satisfying. “– Tom ellis

7. “My life changed in 2005 when I met my wife Tamjin. She appeared in a play called” Breathing Corpse “with one of my best companions in drama school, James McAvoy. Was there. I knew who she was, and when she played Melanie Owen in “EastEnders,” I fantasized about her quite a bit. – – Tom ellis

8. “There are some really fascinating characters that are fundamentally flawed and do pretty sneaky things, but you still love him.” – Tom ellis

9. “My eldest daughter has been to my few sets and gets spoiled when she has her nails, her hair. Often you take them to the set And they find the shooting process quite boring. “– Tom ellis

10th of Tom Ellis’s 50 quotes

10. “At the show, it’s very important to remember that Lucifer is a demon. Sometimes it’s important to remember that Lucifer is a demon. He’s a wild animal and if he’s a tame It looks like it’s been done, but to keep the idea that it could snap at any time. “– Tom Ellis

11. “Trying to find the human side of a character is a way to give them the opportunity to have people like them.” – Tom ellis

12. “It’s great to attend a show like’Miranda’that stirs everyone’s imagination, but it’s difficult if people can’t see more than that.’Miranda’ was very popular in the UK. So I started traveling to North America. I always wanted to challenge myself and not go into an obvious role. – – Tom ellis

13. “I was pretty smart about the script I was reading, but I didn’t care until I pulled this script out:” Lucifer “. Within about 3-4 pages, I thought it was hilarious. I laughed a few times and thought this was what I wanted to do. – – Tom ellis

14. “If you have a hardcore fan like’Miranda’, you won’t be able to see you except Gary Preston. That’s fair enough.” – Tom ellis

15. “I couldn’t afford to go to the Drama School in London. Then I met the Royal Academy of Music in Glasgow and fell in love with the city. It was one of the few schools that provided me with a place. It was. There was no harm. “– Tom ellis

16. “In terms of learning the way of thinking, I always use music when I work.” – Tom ellis

17. “I grew up on the very human side of Christianity, so the message in the family I grew up in was about peace, love, and the understanding of everyone. I think it’s very cool. . “- Tom ellis

18. “You are always asking yourself, are you doing your best for your child? And other parents let you know if you are not, just direct It’s not the way. There’s a sense of competition, but it’s ridiculous because you know deeply that you’re all suffering. “– Tom ellis

19. “About Lucifer, by the end of the first season, his world has collapsed a bit. Anyone he could call on his side or trust now does. Can’t, it leaves him in an unprecedented place. “- Tom ellis

20 of Tom Ellis’s 50 Quotes

20. “I go in, people go” Oh, see who it is! It’s a devil! Speaking of the devil! ” It’s fun. I am having a lot of fun. I’m not going to lie. It’s a bit like being able to say whatever you want and then run away. “Rush” was fun because he thought he was immortal, but this is even more fun because Lucifer is immortal. – Tom Ellis

21. “Lucifer is playful in life. He just likes to play with people. But the show’s sense of humor is what makes the show interesting, not dark.” – – Tom ellis

22. “We are not characters in this world, so it’s a lot of fun to know what other characters don’t have.” – Tom ellis

23. “When I was eight or nine, I came to London from Swindon that day and went to the National Gallery. I remember standing in Trafalgar Square with my best friend Tim. , I was covered in pigeons because I had a bird seed on my head. “– Tom ellis

24. “I’ve been acting for years, and the more I act, the more confident I am about this. This is my career and I’m going to do it.” – Tom ellis

25. “My mother was a music teacher. I had three sisters and they all played musical instruments when I was a kid.” – Tom ellis

26. “Lucifer likes to have fun, but you also need to make sure he’s rooted in the right journey. In the first few episodes after the pilot, you’re the starting point for your world and your character. But as the stakes go up, I feel like the veneers of “Lucifer” are getting less and less. – – Tom ellis

27. “What I really wanted to do was take this character under Lucifer’s veneer. Underneath was a man who was rejected by his father with a wounded soul. That was him. It was interesting how it influenced my choice, but it’s also in the shell of someone who doesn’t know what the emotions are. “– Tom ellis

28. “My view of’Lucifer’was mostly asserted when Tom Capinos wrote the original pilot script. I remember reading it for the first time, but it contained about four or five pages. I thought this was very interesting. If I wanted to do this, I would know what to do. “– Tom ellis

29. “The good thing about’Miranda’is that the audience we had was from school kids to pensioners. It’s like a family show, so my eldest daughter and middle daughter It was my first job as a big fan and proud to be involved. It feels good. “– Tom ellis

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30. “The strange thing about drama school is that you’ve been training for one thing for three years, and often that’s what you’re not training, and you end up doing so. “-Tom Ellis

31. “The fact that you can tell people what others are thinking is always fun. It’s also a great tool for comedy moments.” – Tom ellis

32. “What people want to comment a lot is that I grew up in a religious family. My dad is a minister, and now I’m playing the devil. Thankfully, my family works. Looking at the humorous side of. ”– Tom ellis

33. “I rely on my wife for everything. Her success has never influenced her as a person – she is incredibly loyal. We laugh together. We do everything. Share, and she still surprises me. When I saw her in “Sweet Charity,” I was very proud to say, “It’s my wife.” – – Tom ellis

34. “The last TV show I was really into was’Breaking Bad’, and when it was over, I was in such a state of sadness. You need to choose the following carefully: there is.” – Tom ellis

35. “I’m overkill at the Regent Street Apple Store. I’m crazy about whatever the latest Apple gadgets are. For clothes, shop at Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green shop on Carnaby Street. , I love buying crouch-end cult clothing with the original Penguin and G-Star. “– Tom ellis

36. “During the pilot, Director Len Wiseman and I talked about how Lucifer sees humanity. We can come up with this notion that he considers them to be experimental rats. – – Tom ellis

37. “You met Rush at some point in his life, where he decided not to live according to the moral norm of being a doctor. He has that aspect of his life for a variety of reasons. I decided to move away from it. It was found throughout the first season. ”– Tom ellis

38. “I worked a lot in comedy. It’s always good to have humor while working, as much as I love to play dramatic roles.” – Tom ellis

39. “If you give your name to something and commit to something that spends a lot of time, it must be something I know is fun and worth a while. If not, what’s the point? ”– Tom ellis

40 of Tom Ellis’s 50 quotes

40. “I’ve been acting for 15 years, and the more I act, the more confident I am,” this is my career and what I’m about to do. ” I have had a very good reaction since I came to the United States. Being smarter about my choices gave me a lot of confidence. – Tom Ellis

41. The “rush” was an interesting experience for me. Because I like the show, I like to play the role, and most people who see it really enjoy it. – – Tom ellis

42. “I have a temporary lifestyle. I come to work in the United States, but my home is in London. I like being bisexual.” – Tom ellis

43. “Both my daughters aren’t very impressed when they see me on TV. I want them to say,” Dad! ” But I say, “Who is it?” Even if you wear a long wig and ride a horse, you are said to be “dad” without any interest! I think I have to read the bedtime story of “CBeebies” instead. – – Tom ellis

44. “The pilot season is a very strange time. You get such a concentrated amount of scripts. Many of them become white noise after a while. When something really pops, it’s instant. It’s clear. I’m pretty instinctive about it. You can usually tell if you want to do something in about 10 pages. “– Tom ellis

45. “One of the key parts of my decision-making process is knowing that when you sign up for something, if it succeeds, in theory you want to succeed, you sign up for multiple seasons. That’s what you are doing, but you also want to do something you enjoy. “– Tom ellis

46. ​​”One of my greatest heroes and influences, especially acting and working in comedy, is Steve Coogan.” – Tom ellis

47. “It’s always fun to play a bad character.” – Tom ellis

48. “I am from a religious family. My father is a minister, my uncle, my sister, and her husband are a minister team.” – Tom ellis

49. “Being on the floor of a TV show is sometimes a very frustrating experience.” – Tom ellis

50. “When you are a drama student, I think what you want most is to make a living from acting.” – Tom ellis


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