$ 500 PC with PS5 and 4 Years of Hardware | Benchmark and Graphics Quality Comparison

We matched the graphics settings on the PC with the graphics on the PlayStation 5 and benchmarked the PC hardware until it matched the performance of the PS5 frame rate (FPS).

First, as mentioned in the conclusion, there is a place for both PCs and consoles, which is not as simple as a price-to-price comparison. Still, as an exercise to understand the graphics features of modern game consoles (using PlayStation 5 here), we set out to match the graphics settings on the Sony PlayStation 5 with the PC. The PC has various internal individual controls. Game options. Once the settings were matched to be approximately equal, we benchmarked the GPU (and one CPU) until we found a performance threshold that was approximately equal to the PlayStation 5’s average FPS / frametime performance. This gives you something relatively similar. A comparison to better understand what the PS5 is comparable to-for the GTX 1060, 1070, and 1080, depending on the game when you’re not doing ray tracing. Ray tracing is something you need to test once your game is supported by the console. The test involves grouping three games, but the overall concept applies to other games as well. We have established a range of performance for estimating rasterization performance with (nearly) comparable graphics quality across devices. Again, we believe PlayStation 5 and other consoles play an important role in markets that cannot be easily replaced by PCs. Similarly, PCs offer many extensibility not provided by consoles. Both occupy an important position, so this is an academic exercise in determining performance and quality equivalence.

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