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6 Welcome to another edition of Banner Sunday. Call for a rally When In the hall Let’s focus on the five most important IU basketball stories last week and see how other IU sports programs are done.

IU hosted Media Day last month, and this week it was Big Ten’s turn for Hoosiers to attend a conference version of the event with all the other teams. Also this week, the league released the rest of the information needed to complete the schedule. Another sign that the season is approaching is that Inside the Hall is previewing each of the Big Ten teams next season.

Further news, Hoosiers could approach future players. Also, last week’s review of Hoosier Hysteria and the regular Hoosier Roundup ended the 6-Banner for this edition.

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• Summary of Big Ten Media Day
• TV and chip time released for IU basketball schedule
• Preview of the Big Ten Team in the hall
• Hoosiers offers local prominence
• Hoosier Hysteria looks back
• Fusher Roundup

Banner # 1-Summary of Big Ten Media Day

Big Ten Media Day is an annual event that marks the beginning of the basketball season. For years, it was taken for granted that this event would be held directly. That changed when COVID-19 canceled the event last year. This season was held again directly in Indianapolis, where the Hoogers participated.

The IU speaker included a coach Mike Woodson And the player Trace Jackson Davis, Rob Finize, Race Thompson..

Woodson too talked Second time during the breakout session.Inside the gray water rose in the hall Recapping Event.

Also, “official informal” polls implementation Selected as the 7th writer to cover the Big Ten Team and the Hoogers. This week’s podcast on the brink with Zach Osterman Discussed poll.

Banner # 2 – IU Basketball Schedule TV and Chip Time Released

Another sign that the season is imminent is the release of the schedule. The actual date and opponents were announced a few weeks ago, but no time and TV allocations were announced.It changed this week when there was that information Added Similarly.

There are no exhibition games, only “closed” scrims, and the first chance fans will see Hoosiers will be the season opener against eastern Michigan on the Big Ten Network at 6:30 pm on November 9th. The only game that requires an online BTN + subscription will be against Northern Illinois on November 12th.

Overall, IU will appear on FS1 six times, on ESPN Network six times, on Fox three times, on CBS once, and the rest on BTN.

Banner # 3 – Preview of the Big Ten Team in the Hall

Every year, Inside the Hall gave a detailed breakdown of each team before the regular season chip-off.

The preview started with Minnesota And continued Pennsylvania State University, Nebraska, Northwest, When Wisconsin.. The rest of the team will be released in the next few days.

Banner # 4 – Hoosiers Offers Local Outstanding

Recruitment often takes the Hoogers far away from the country. In this case, it’s only a few miles away from the IU campus.After seeing him and recruiting, the Hoogers finally Official Scholarship Offer Bloomington North’s 2023 local product JaQualon Roberts.

The forward Roberts didn’t have a star yet, and IU was the first high school to offer him, but was soon followed by state rival Butler. He also holds other divisions serving from IUPUI, Miami (OH), Indiana, Massachusetts, Northern Illinois, and Akron.

Banner # 5 – Looking Back at Hoosier Hysteria

Hoosier Hysteria broke out last week and was in time to create a 6-Banner, but more information has come out since then.

Last Monday, IU release Some videos looking back at the event. The footage includes a team introduction and speech from the legendary Isaiah Thomas of Woodson and Hooger.

Banner # 6-Hoosier Roundup

Soccer was a farewell week, but other sports had relatively successful results.

• Men’s soccer was knocked off using the soft spots on the schedule Omaha When Trine..Spencer Glass is also a senior class award candidate..

• Women’s football continues to be Hoosiers’ strongest athletic program this fall. Tie With the ranked Michigan team knock Moved off the coast of Northwestern to Season 9-2-3 and finished third in the Big Ten.Also, Senior Hannah Namet Earned This month’s scholar-athlete.

• volleyball beat Rutgers lost To Maryland.

• Field hockey Gave The high-ranking Rutgers team did everything they could do before they fell into the network.Following this upset No. 16 Ohio for the team’s first meeting victory.

• Women’s golf Won This year’s first tournament at IU’s home golf course.As a result, Aine Donegan, who won the event, Named This week’s big ten golfer.

• Swimming and diving open Their season to strong results.

• Women’s basketball Presentation With their TV schedule next year I participated On media day. The team also announced that they would join the men’s team, Recruitment Annual schedule poster as part of NIL.In addition, I did a big ten preview In the assembly call community for subscribers.

• I didn’t play soccer this week, but the TV network Presentation For a showdown with Michigan next weekend.They too schedule Ball State and 2026 games Have got Candidate for the Thai Flyfogle Advanced Class Award.

•soft ball I chose Sarah Stone transferred to the University of Kentucky.They too Had 14 Hoogers win the NFCA All-American Scholar Athlete Honors.

•wrestling Had Andrew Irick won the Scholar-Athlete of the Month this month.

Thank you for your continued patronage of Assembly Call and Inside the Hall. I’ll be back with a new Roundup next weekend.

Come on, enjoy Sunday with 6 banners.

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6-Banner Sunday: Big Ten Media Day Summary, TV Designation, Chip Time Released-In Hall 6-Banner Sunday: Big Ten Media Day Summary, TV Designation, Chip Time Released-In Hall

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