6 emotions that can cloud our judgment and how to make better decisions

“Make sure your emotions don’t exceed your intellect.” ~ Unknown

When I’m emotional, I jump to ridiculous conclusions, and I’m sometimes like someone else in that they make the most of me.And it’s pretty embarrassing at those moments, especially if I was stupid enough to make Any Some kind of decision.

It is sometimes nearly impossible to have the perception that your judgment is clouded by emotions. Many of us don’t know how to read a signal. So we realize why we are swept away by the cave dweller’s instinct and say, “When I’m angry, everything I see is red.”

this is serious Problems as an adult.

Our children reflect what we see at home, at school, and in society. They parrot what they see and assume that is the proper response.Dad burned down Wendy’s They didn’t use mayonnaise, so of course Samantha painted a happy face on your binder at school, so it makes sense to hit her face.

You, me, and all other humans walking on this planet are defective creatures.I don’t mean this sneaky You should be embarrassed, holy than you, put together your shit, I know well lecture.

I’m speaking from the standpoint of being a master of putting yourself in a stupid situation that requires Houdini-level skills in the frigid to escape the turmoil I created.

And why do I do this? When I’m not taking care of myself, my emotions go wild.

Humans make terrifying decisions when guided only by emotions (which disappear as soon as emotions come). It’s like blindfolding a horse. Our focus will be what is in front of us and will be filtered by the emotions we happen to feel. We are unaware of all other inputs that may help us manage the situation better.

This is the same reason that 99% of people invest in individual stocks and lose money. They buy and sell based on emotion, not the value of the company (the only thing that matters).

Investing author William Green said, “Most people make investment decisions (and of life) based on half-hearted logic, prejudice, intuition, emotions, and an unreliable jumble of vague fantasies and fears of the future. We will make a decision). “

Ken Schubin Stein is someone who knows one or two things about high-voltage decision making. He spent 20 years running a hedge fund in New York. He is also a professor at Columbia Business School and has been teaching Advanced Investment Research since 2009. I also love to study how my mind works, so I decided to become a neurologist just for kicks.

You are probably wondering, How can a person running a hedge fund help you lead a better life?

Don’t make stupid decisions, as the success of his career is based on one basic idea. And I don’t know you, but if you are confident in your decisions (no matter how chaotic your life feels), will life be much easier?

Six specific emotions guarantee that you are going to make a silly decision.

Can you guess what they are?

To be honest, before you read on, try what you can think of. Think of the last time you made a bad decision. What emotions were flowing through you?

Let me give you a clue. Shubin Stein uses acronyms HALT-PS As a reminder that those feelings pause when they can undermine his judgment. He takes it one step further and postpones important decisions until these emotions do not flood his brain.

Here’s the nasty criminal of crappy decision making.







Think about HALT-PS Like a giant red stop sign. The moment you realize that any of these emotions are present, you brake. Why are you so likely to make a quick decision and collide with an oncoming vehicle when you are not only passing the stop sign at full speed because you are in a hurry?

HALT-PS creates a buffer between emotions and decisions. Full-fledged emotions are short-lived, so this time dilation can be a lifesaver. Creating a small space means that you have a chance to slowly open your mind, and from a calm state you can think of risks that you might have otherwise overlooked.

why HALT-PS A very powerful technique like the one in your toolbox? Because it helps you answer the question: Why am i wrong??

This framework does more than just help us make life-changing decisions when we are emotionally overwhelmed. It can also help us catch ourselves before we plant the seeds of belief, unaware of the trajectory it puts us on.

I am the first father to have a 5 week old daughter. Fatigue and stress accompany its role. In her second week of life, I had already told myself that I wasn’t strong enough to be a dad. The sad part was that I believed it under the exhausted fog. Did I just disappoint her?

There was a time in my life that would have taken it forward as my story. But now that there are many reasons why I might be wrong, I regret it.

Here I’m 5 weeks, and I regret selling myself short because I didn’t give myself the opportunity to prove myself. I’m doing everything I can, something I’ve never done before. Isn’t it the only best lesson we can hope to teach our kids? Do your best. Don’t regret doing your best.

Without the awareness of HALT-PS, I would not have noticed that my thoughts were impaired under a cloud of sleep deprivation and stress.

The more clearly we can see our thoughts, the more clearly we can decide what we can engage in and what we can let go of.

Not all discussions need to be a fight. And not all battles need to lead to an explosion. If you are aware of your feelings at this point, you can easily escalate the situation.

I love to use HALT-PS Exactly for this reason. Ignoring our emotions is mentally equivalent to drunk driving. That’s stupid. You do not have the cognitive ability to make safe decisions.

In the heat of the moment, our emotional tendencies and moods routinely distort how we relate to what we see and what we are doing. I’m not so angry It ’s like saying There is only a little beer.. It doesn’t take much time to wrap it around the pole.

Keep it simple. In some cases, it is best not to make any decisions.

Most of us have not made life-or-death decisions that require immediate attention. Give yourself a space away from the situation so that you can clearly see your emotions through the HALT-PS lens.

Do you have any feelings? Become vulnerable.

I got into the habit of telling the truth to my wife, and it’s a pretty novel idea that works pretty well.I tell her when I’m charged I’m not in the emotional headspace you deserve this conversation. When I have the ability, I know it’s important to you, so we promise to talk about this.

Please note.use HALT-PS It’s like wielding magical power. Emotions never go away, but many become masters of surfing the crushing waves.

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