6 simple actions to make the world a better place

“A big use of life is to use it for something that makes it last longer.” ~ William James

I will never forget the phone.

It was 1989, and like most college students, I spent my winter vacation in Florida looking for the sun. It was great to get off the plane and be greeted by a warm air explosion. Entering the terminal had the added benefit of being greeted by my maternal grandparents who lived in North Miami Beach.

This experience of relaxing in the pool, taking a walk together, and eating out was a great way to decompress after a fierce final.

Being the oldest of the six children was my brother’s responsibility, but life was great and my worries were minimal.

That warm Wednesday afternoon in January, my grandparents and I spent the morning in the pool. We were just back when we received the call that would change my life forever. My mother was suffering from a cerebral aneurysm.

She was just 44 years old. How is this happening? Just as we spoke yesterday, she laughed, and now within 48 hours she died, mourning her loss, leaving her parents, husband, and six children aged 8 to 21. I did.

My world, our world, turned upside down in an instant.

We don’t like to think about it, but the truth is that our lives can change instantly, as I discovered very strongly at the time. Reading this now does not guarantee that you will be here tomorrow. The question is whether we are doing our best today with the time left. No one on their deathbed wants more money. They want more meaning.

In Bob Marley’s words, “If you live for yourself, you will live in vain, for others, and you will live again.”

Our actions affect others. “What is your legacy?” This is a question for all of us to reflect on. This is an opportunity to review past and present behavior and vow to make positive changes that will affect ourselves and our current families, as well as perhaps future generations. The seeds we plant today, positive or negative, can make a big difference.

No matter what is happening in today’s world, it is important to understand that the first place to see is within ourselves. We have to ask the following questions every day:

1. What did I do today to cheer others up?

2. Was it possible to do more, give, and listen to the people around you?

Take a quiet time and dig deep into yourself. Who are you? Who do you want to be? What would you say if you could speak again? Would you like to say it now?

When I wake up in the morning, I not only believe in higher powers, but also pray, knowing that, unlike yesterday and tomorrow, the new day is endowed with new possibilities for eternal influence. This awareness inspires me to seize the day and look for opportunities to unleash tenderness in every encounter. Because I will never go through this road.

If you want to create a life that fulfills your purpose and leaves the world in a better place, if you want to create a legacy, here are some suggestions.

1. Act as an agent for kindness.

What can you do to make someone’s day when you go to a local coffee shop or go to work? Would you like to pay for coffee for the person standing behind you? Do you make eye contact with people passing by with a smile? Perhaps the person had a tough day and by acknowledging them you influenced their lives. There is no chance encounter, but it is an opportunity to spread the light.

2. Make courageous choices.

We make big and small choices every day, and some are easier than others. In most cases, we make decisions based on convenience. For example, you may be too busy to help someone in need, or you may be too difficult to pursue a career that will make a positive difference. Courageous choice means making choices based on belief. What is the right thing to do?

Looking back, many people regret themselves did not do it Do. When we die, we are judged not on the lives of others, but on our own potential. Did you do as much as you could with the hands you were given?

Wake up every morning and ask yourself, “What can I do today to live courageously outside my comfort zone and make a difference?” You don’t have to remember to do the right thing other than play life safely.

3. Grasp the moment of meditation.

Meditate daily to ponder your own humanity. Use prayers, poems, or your own diary to think about who you are, your relationship, and what you have done to influence. This gives you the opportunity to consider what you did right and what you need to fix.

4. Find faith.

The source of our faith may be within ourselves, or in friends and spouses who believe in us rather than in ourselves. That way we can do our best and do our best to the world. Life can be painful at times, so we need the power they give us to appear daily and have a positive impact on us. Who is your cheerleader? Who can you rely on to support you with all your efforts and encourage you when you are depressed?

5. Live inspiration.

An inspiring life comes from the realization that life can change in the blink of an eye.Don’t knowIt For a great loss to awaken you to your blessings. Don’t take it for granted and assume that you owe something. Especially in the age of COVID, a breath is not a matter of course.

Start a gratitude diary that lists new blessings every day. When we live with joy, we radiate positive energy, which elevates people to our lives and creates ripples of hope and optimism in our families, communities and the world.

6. Discover renewable energy.

Identify your talents and skills, and what makes you smile. Your life is a gift with endless possibilities. When do you feel the most alive? Spending time and energy on the most joyful areas of life renews your sense of meaning and purpose and motivates you to seize every day to influence and create a legacy.

— —

Sometimes we think we need to be on the world stage to make a difference, but the truth is that we all have the ability to choose between harm and healing. Your life is a candle. You are a flame By deliberately building your own heritage, you can ignite thousands of lights every day.

Remember, you may not be able to change the whole world, but you can change the whole world of one person … and maybe more.

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