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Alvin Kamara is back in the New Orleans Saints’ four Pro Bowls and has been named NFC Offensive Player of the Week.

Let’s say Alvin Kamara’s running back has created many people, not just fans. saint Happy on Christmas day. By dominating the Vikings, he earned the honor of this week’s NFC player.

If there were Kamala during the week, either in the fantasy manager semifinals or championship week, they were set. In the 16th week, Kamala made an absolute blunder with six touchdown performances, scoring twice as much as the previous game.

This season, Kamala had one three-score game, three two-score games, and six one-score games. Obviously, this eruption was special, and Kamala had more than just a close, near-touchdown opportunity.

The team’s third round pick in 2017 ran on the best ground of their career, 155 yards, more than they had run the ball in two consecutive games this season. It just gives a glimpse of how dominant Kamala’s performance was.

He also worked on three 17-yard receptions. Kamala finished the game with 5 targets and 22 rush attempts, the latter being easily the most popular this season. This could go down not only as Kamala’s best game of the season, but perhaps in his career so far.

This is the first choice in Kamala’s four-year career, even though he had some well-known games before this one. Kamala becomes an even more important aspect of the attack as the team progresses to the 17th week and leaves the dominant victory on Christmas Day.

2019 Offensive Player of the Year None Michael Thomas And if the team wants to harness their hopes for the top seed of the meeting, in a winning game, Kamala needs to be a force against the Carolina Panthers.

Kamala was a great week, but it’s the next week as the saints are trying not to be disappointed again in the postseason.

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6 Touchdown Alvin Kamala Nominates Week 16 NFC POWs 6 Touchdown Alvin Kamala Nominates Week 16 NFC POWs

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