6th Inning Program Guide and Overview

The sixth inning is here MLB The Show 21 Diamond dynasty.When we got into things, we found who All three bosses It was before the launch, so it’s no exaggeration to say that waiting for 99 Pedro Martinez to be released to this day was a good call. This is the card I was looking forward to, even if I had two Pedro diamonds before, and I’m glad he’s finally in the player pool. Participating in the signature series Pedro Martinez are the George Brett Award and the Milestone Matt Kemp Award. The final reward at 650KXP here remains the diamond for the entire 90+ live series (Just like last month). Towards the end of the program, 2021 All-Star Game Packs and Homelander Bee Packs are also available. The new program will end 28 days from now and the three new bosses will be available for 350,000 XP.

Looking at my bosses, I think it’s fair to see them as “slight” disappointments in a grand plan of things. The signature series Pedro Martinez is not virtually the best SP in the game. I argue that he’s probably running, but Nolan Ryan and Justin Verlander both probably beat him, and DeGrom probably falls under him due to the lack of a particular pitch type. only. I put Pedro with Felix Hernandez and Lefty Grove in the layer just below Verlander / Ryan. He has a 102H / 9, a 20mph difference between a fastball and a circle change, and also has a sinker. He also has 99 controls on his 4 seams and changes, and his lowest control is the 84 attached to his curve ball.

For George Brett, I think it’s the same here. I wouldn’t put him on top of Chipper Jones or Mike Schmidt in 3B, but he’s probably running from there as the best player just outside the top top tier. Brett has 124 contacts to the RHP, 121 visions, 84 fields, and 69 speeds. His power isn’t crazy, but he’s a really good all-round player and can even play 1B if needed.

Matt Kemp is a little difficult to talk to. If we only consider the primary position, he is arguably the best in his position. It’s easy to claim that he’s the best “pure” CF in the game right now, but given his secondary position, it’s also easy to claim he’s not a top three outfielder. is. Probably the best outfielder you can throw there is Vlad Sr. And Mookie Betts, but moving Mookie to 2B is a toss-up between the many players and lists that make up the other two spots. Includes Kemp. Kemp has 109 contacts to RHP, 125 powers to LHP, 69 visions, 87 speeds, and 92 thefts. He’s not the best defensive center fielder, but his batting statistics are much better in that key position. If you’re talking about pure “value” here, Kemp is probably your boss’s choice.

Now let’s get to the rest of the program.

MLB The Show 21 6th Inning Program Guide


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Spiral Conquest Map 6th Inning Program

The first conquest map is the spiral map. You need to steal 3 million fans in the process of occupying 6 bases.

This map is worth it 25,000 XP..


There are three regular online missions, but at the start of a new program, you will first witness an extrining mission here. And, of course, more missions will be added throughout the program.

  • Competitive dub – Win 10 games in online mode (7,500 XP)
  • Extraning dub – Win 5 games in Extra Innings single player mode (7,500 XP)
  • Milestone moment – Aggregate 9 innings pitched by Milestone Series pitchers in online mode (5,000 XP)
  • Extraning Milestone Moment – Aggregate 20 innings thrown by Milestone series pitchers in Extraning Single Player Mode (5,000 XP)
  • MVP movement – Score 12 runs on the award series player in online mode (5,000 XP)
  • Extra Inning MVP Move – Extra Innings Single Player Mode (5,000 XP) Awards Series Players Score 24 Runs

Collection and moment

Note: Older player programs from previous innings will exist even if they are not yet complete. However, you will not be able to get XP to “collect” cards in new innings. Also, if the previous inning program is gone, you will not be able to get XP.

The first player program will arrive next week.

About the inning collection:

6th Inning Collection – Collect all 3 5th inning bosses (50,000 XP)

Boss and reward

Here are the three bosses and their quirks in 350,000 XP:

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  • Milestone Matt Kemp
  • Signature Series Pedro Martinez
  • George Brett Award

This is the first set of players available in the Diamond Choice Pack. Just eat a bite of this apple:

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  • Signature Series Hoa Kim Soria
  • Milestone Dexter Fowler
  • Prime Gio Gonzalez

It’s hard to see players other than Soria as a choice here.

The second set of players to choose from is from the Diamond Classics Choice Pack. You can only eat a bite of this apple.

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  • The finest Lorenzo Cain
  • Postseason Patrick Corbin
  • Finest Aaron Nola

This is the second and third finest card to be released, and we’re approaching the finest season, so I’m sure we’ll see more cards in the near future. All three cards look pretty “average” by flashback criteria, so I think you can choose any of the three.

The main rewards are:

  • 5,000 XP – Diamond Bat Skin, 1,500 Stubs
  • 10,000 XP – Showpack (x5)
  • 17,500 XP – Universal Profile Nameplate, 3,000 Stubs
  • 25,000 XP – Headliner Pack (x2)
  • 32,500 XP – Diamond Unlockable Choice Pack, 3,000 Stubs
  • 40,000 XP – Diamond Batting Gloves
  • 45,000 XP – Diamond Shoes
  • 55,000 XP – Ballin’is a Habit Pack (x2)
  • 70,000 XP – Diamond Home Run Call
  • 85,000 XP – Showpack (x10)
  • 100,000 XP – 6th Inning Player Selection Pack
  • 115,000 XP – Kansas City Royals Alternate Home 1 Uniform, 5,000 Stubs
  • 130,000 XP – Headliner Pack (x2)
  • 145,000 XP – Gold Ball Player Choice Pack
  • 160,000 XP – Ballin’is a Habit Pack (x2)
  • 175,000 XP – 6th Inning Classic Pack
  • 190,000 XP – Universal Profile Icon, 5,000 Stubs
  • 205,000 XP – Diamond Stadium Sound
  • 220,000 XP – Headliner set 32 pack
  • 235,000 XP – Gold Ball Player Choice Pack
  • 250,000 XP – Diamond Bat Skin
  • 270,000 XP – Showpack (x5)
  • 290,000 XP – Diamond Legend Icon Selection Pack, 5,000 Stubs
  • 310,000 XP – Headliner Set 33 Pack
  • 330,000 XP – Boston Red Sox Home 1990 jersey, 5,000 stubs
  • 350,000 XP – 6th Inning Boss Selection Pack
  • 380,000 XP – Gold Ball Player Choice Pack
  • 410,000 XP – Classic Stadium Choice Pack
  • 440,000 XP – Showpack (x10)
  • 470,000 XP – Los Angeles Alternative Uniform, 5,000 Stubs
  • 500,000 XP – Ballin’is a Habit Pack (x5)
  • 530,000 XP – Diamond Ball Player Choice Pack
  • 560,000 XP – 2021 All-Star Game Pack
  • 590,000 XP – 2021 Home Run Derby Pack
  • 620,000 XP – Showpack (x20)
  • 650,000 XP – 90+ Live Series Players

6th Inning Program Guide and Overview

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