7 best games like between us to play with friends

Looking for some of the best games like among us? If yes, we have curated this list specifically for you. Because it’s definitely a big problem among us these days. As a result, it has become the most downloaded game on the Play Store and App Store. It also makes it the most playable game on various charts.

However, there are many games on different platforms such as PC, macOS, iOS and Android. It definitely refreshes your mood again. It’s the same concept, but with a whole new environment, graphics, and story.

Therefore, we have listed some of the best games like Among Us. It will make you and your friends more enjoyable with their gameplay and more. So let’s dive into the list of the best options among us to play with your friends without any further effort.

1. False

Here’s an extraordinary game with amazing action. Falsehood is arguably the perfect alternative among us. Here, you’ll be trapped in abandoned asylum with the other five players. And your job is to find a loophole by unlocking the level and defeating the infected person. In all games, 2 out of 6 players are infected and their job is to kill innocent people and then run away.

It’s an FPS game, but the graphics are exceptional. But you can still feel the intensity and pressure of this deceptive game. Scams are limited to PCs. Still, it is not available on platforms such as Android, PC and iOS. But if you are an online PC gamer. Then Deceit is a game. You need to play with your friends, not AmongUs.

2. Hunter vs.Props

Different but amazing concepts make a hunter pair. We propose the perfect alternative among us. As the name implies, the game is divided into two teams. My job is to hide from hunters by transforming into various objects such as tables, plates, cups and balls. The hunter’s job, on the other hand, is to find those hidden props and kill them in a brutal way.

The game is available for Android and iOS. In addition, the graphics and controls are nice and easy to understand. So if you want to play Hide & Seek, but in a twisted way. Next, you need to check the hunter pair. Props now.

3. Project Winter

Project Winter is none other than one of the sweetest and best games among us. A place where you and your friends got lost in a remote, snow-covered area. And before you meet your angel of death, you need to find resources to eat and ask for help. There are many games you can offer, such as making things, collecting items, repairing cabin radios, and much more. After all, that’s the only way to reach the outside world.

Project Winter has won three or more awards. It makes it a well-known deceptive game on this list. So get up and start making things with your teammates and ask for help. If you are a traitor, you already know your job.

4. Salem town

The best games like between us or the best alternatives between us

The town of Salem is a little different, but it offers users unique playable features. This is because we play with 48 different players, all with their own powers and abilities. The game was pretty big, with a day / night cycle, and in most cases the crime happened at midnight. And because this is how the world works, every day every player runs a presumed criminal.

The town of Salem does not have the best graphics on this list. But the opportunities it offers in the game are endless.

5. Secret Neighbor

The best games like between us or the best choices between us

Perhaps most of you are already familiar with this game. Secret Neighbor is a very famous Xbox title, so a group of kids sneaks into their neighbor’s house and finds one of their lost friends. But when their neighbors disguise themselves as one of them, the game begins to get ugly. Then start eliminating them one by one.

Therefore, we need to clarify the rules here. Innocent children have to find the culprit and unlock the basement before their spooky neighbors can get them all. However, it’s only available on Xbox. Still, if you’re using an Xbox, it could be the perfect game, especially for you, like Among Us.

6. Mafia Online

The best games like between us or the best alternatives between us

Finally, we’ve reached the penultimate spot on the list of the best games like Among Us. Mafia Online is an RPGFPS game that mercilessly kills allies. The Mafia allows you to create rooms and invite others from all over the world. In addition, the game has various characters such as doctors.

That means you kill or save people with the help of your skills and roles. The graphics aren’t that great, but it’s a fun game where you can talk and talk with your friends.

7 Enemy on board

Enemy on Board is a perfect alternative to Among Us on board a spaceship with the other seven. And two of them are fraudsters or aliens, whose main task is to kill and control the ship. Meanwhile, the remaining six space travelers need to find and execute aliens before they can do the same.

The game has great graphics and is available on your PC. Moreover, the concept of this game is almost the same. If you want to turn on voice chat until you find an alien, you need to keep the generator running.

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Among Us Alternatives: 7 Best Games like Among Us to Play w/ Friends

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