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Platformers really deserve to love more, except for certain mustache-bearing men – frankly, there’s a good list to stick to him. But this is the Xbox website, so stick with it!

A fun and rewarding genre full of unique stories and gameplay mechanics, suitable for both casual gamers looking for a way to fill the short moments of their free time, to hardcore gamers who prefer 100% games instead. Brings some gameplay. Of sleep. But what are the best and best platformers available through the Xbox ecosystem: Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S? Well, these seven are definitely worth a look …

Ori and the Blind Forest

Let’s not get in the way obviously. It’s hard to play Xbox without hearing about the Ori series. Developed by independent developer Moon Studios and part of a development and distribution agreement with Microsoft, Ori is a beautiful and challenging Metroidvania platformer.

Ori and the Blind Forest It revolves around the story of Ori, a small guardian spirit separated from the spirit tree during the cataclysm. Ori is found and adopted by a gentle creature named Naru who decided to raise Ori. However, as the forest dies, food is scarce and Naru succumbs to starvation and dies.

Orphan, Ori sets out to find an answer to the cause of the disaster that robbed her family.

The gameplay mechanics are fluid, the graphics are gorgeous, the soundtrack is beautiful, and the plots are great. There is a reason to be constantly praised by both critics and players. It’s basically a typical platformer.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

It may be a bit lazy to include both Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Blind Will in this list, but it’s unfortunate not to. Ori and the Will of the Wisps Is a direct sequel. Track the events of the first game and greatly expand the game mechanics and the world.

There are new features to unlock, characters to meet, and areas to explore. All the great things about Ori and the Blind Forest have been improved by the will of Ori and the Blind.

You can also talk to and interact with NPCs outside the cutscenes, which come with new optional quests, all of which add to the richness of the world. The plot is once again incredibly well done, taking visuals and world building to new heights.

If I could avoid the story spoilers up to this point, I wouldn’t spoil it, but the point is Ori and Wisps will is another great choice to scratch the platform’s itching. .. Make sure you’ve finished Ori and the Blind Forest first.

Little nightmares

Little nightmares

For platform and horror fans Little nightmares.. Little Nightmares is a dark story of Six. The girl trapped in Moe arrives once a year to attract gluttony on a mysterious ship that crosses the world. These guests are very wealthy and powerful elites who board Moe to satisfy their greedy hunger. Once you get on, no one will leave …

Six’s background is unknown and it’s not explained why she’s riding Mo, but the horror contained in it should be enough to encourage everyone to want to escape.

It’s a great platformer with dark plot lines. It’s a downside, it only takes a few hours to get through, but the mystery and world building are great. There is also an extended version of DLC – Secrets of the Maw.

In the Secret of the Mo, you play as a runaway kid, a kid trapped deep inside Mo who wants to escape. Throughout the DLC, you’ll encounter old and new characters alike, revealing more about the world of Little Nightmares.

When Little Nightmares II Scheduled to drop in early 2021, there has never been a better time to play the original game.



internal Another great platformer game created by the developer Playdead. For those who don’t know, they are responsible for another great platformer, Limbo – Also worth checking out.

The interior happens in the future of dystopia and you dominate the young boy. The plot is communicated through interaction with the world the boy has through the game. All the people you encounter are drones that are openly hostile to you or have a mind control device firmly planted in your head.

It’s filled with a dark atmosphere filled with fun and rewarding puzzles, along with a sequence of suspense you have to run for your life. More casual gamers are given hours of play time, but there are also secrets to reveal for those who want to spend more time on it.

It’s not as fast as the other games on this list, but it’s still great.



Celeste It is said that a girl named Madeline decided to climb Mt. Celeste despite the warning. During this trial, she must confront her externalized demon. The creators of Celeste modeled the story based on their experience with anxiety and depression, making it a very personal game.

Plot is Celeste’s first definition feature. The second is the difficulty. As a game, it’s incredibly challenging. A quick reaction is essential to play Celeste and see through to the end.

That said, Celeste can give kindness not only to himself but also to others. As a result, there is an assist mode that allows you to easily change the gameplay elements as easily as you like. This is a great game for gamers of all skill levels.



Messenger A side-scrolling action platformer inspired by the Ninja Gaiden series. You play as a ninja tired of his life of performing drills and memorizing prophecies and always want more. This changes when all of the ninja friends are killed within the first few minutes of the game and he is tasked with carrying scrolls across the land. Pay attention to what you want.

Messenger is a great game filled with great meta jokes, fun stories, catchy soundtracks, and rewarding gameplay.

Of all the games on this list, this is easily the most time consuming. The average player can easily expect to spend more than 10 hours on a complete playthrough. In the meantime, you play against the boss, traverse the changing map and hear pretty funny jokes. This is a great game for anyone looking for a fast paced challenge.

Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy

Compared to the other games mentioned here Rogue Legacy Most unique when compared to the rest. A roguelike platformer with a focus on combat. Originally launched on PC in 2013, it first appeared on Xbox.

Each run consists of fighting through randomly generated dungeons to defeat the bosses that live there. Each time you die and respawn, you can choose from one to three different characters, each with its own unique character traits. The more character classes that are unlocked, the more different abilities and playstyles they have.

There are still lots of platform elements, lots of traps, and special rooms to test your dexterity. After completing the challenge, you will unlock unique items that you can equip and use in future runs.

It may be an old game, but it still has a lot of fun.

“Platformers” are a fairly loosely defined genre of games, so there is a wide variety that fits the definition.This means that regardless of your taste, it’s almost certain to find a game that suits your taste, and all of the above are available from Xbox store If you want to check them.

This isn’t an imagination, it’s a definitive list of amazing platformers, and there’s much more to talk about. These happened to be one of the few that I loved. Let us know your favorite platformer in the comments!

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