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Wildfire preparedness and resilience, large-scale recovery of freshwater ecosystems, the world’s largest electrolytic cell for producing green hydrogen, community-based sustainable airports, health foods for schools – this is 73 projects It is just the tip of the iceberg that you can expect from. Funded by the European Green Deal Call, the last big call under Hollywood 2020.

Over the next four to five years, these projects will be selected from among the most powerful application areas to provide concrete solutions to the climate and biodiversity challenges that the European Green Deal aims to address.

At the kick-off event on October 27, 2021, five projects funded under the European Green Deal Call announced their goals and their impact on the daily lives of European citizens.

take Merlin For example, a project to take the restoration of rivers, lakes, wetlands and streams across Europe to the next level.

“By restoring ecosystems, we can increase not only the attractiveness and recreational use of the natural environment, but also biodiversity, but we can also increase the water holding capacity and flood storage capacity of nature.” Said Professor Daniel Herring, MERLIN Project Coordinator. “Thus, restoration can directly contribute to reducing flood risk, which comes to people’s minds after the dramatic floods they witnessed this summer.”

The project involves local citizens and stakeholders throughout the process, not just the relevant economic sector.

“For each of the 17 case studies, we will create a committee of citizens and stakeholders to support the co-design of the measures we implement,” says Professor Herring. “No one wants to live near a polluted stream, so I think citizens can make a big contribution to these measures.”

By involving local citizens and communities as part of the solution, we will be able to recognize the benefits of recovery and continue to work beyond the four-year scope of the MERLIN project.

The same approach can be applied to airports. With the ambition to make the airport more sustainable, from ground operations to aviation fuel, noise, air emissions, and airport traffic. Stargate The project involves the local community around Brussels Airport in several ways. In this project, for example, we will work with the local community to develop a solar panel farm so that the electricity produced can be co-invested and profitable.

Arnaud Fist, Coordinator of the Stargate Project and CEO of Brussels Airport, said: “Because we can better integrate the airport with the surrounding community, we not only have the impact of the airport, but also the benefits of having a large economic activity next door.”

Food and fire

Food security, nutrition and public health are the foundations of the European Green Deal. Farm to Fork Strategy.. “But research shows that simply increasing the availability and accessibility of healthy foods is not enough for a social transition to a sustainable and healthy diet,” Amalia Ochoa said. Said.She is adjusting SchoolFood4Change A project to investigate how changes in eating habits at school lead to healthier eating habits in society as a whole.

“For example, we’ll look at places, cafeterias, and classrooms where children eat. Do these help them eat better food?” Ochoa elaborated. “We also see how children see and understand food, so food education: where they came from, how they were raised, who the farmers are. Do you know what the nutritional value is? “

Parents, teachers, school chefs, producers, farmers and caterers will participate in this project. Basically, everyone involved in the food value chain. “This is the only way to ensure a lasting change in people’s diet,” Ochoa said.

Society is at the core of all initiatives. Moved from the school cafeteria to the fragile forests of Europe FIRE-RES The project focuses on increasing Europe’s resilience to extreme fire events.

The fires that raged all over Europe this summer were unprecedented in scale, speed, behavior and impact, and even the latest fire extinguishing systems were almost powerless.

“This situation not only endangers the Southern European community, but is a common threat throughout Europe,” said Deputy Project Coordinator Andrea Duane. “Currently, all regions need new portfolios, policies and guidelines to manage extreme wildfires.”

As a first step, FIRE-RES brings together forest owners, firefighters, and community representatives across Europe to share their experiences from extreme fire events. This lays the foundation for building new solutions that can reduce the effects of fire and enhance forest restoration and adaptation, from improving firefighter training to awareness campaigns, new technologies and land management approaches.

Large-scale production of green hydrogen

Climate-neutral Europe by 2050 is at the heart of the European Green Deal. Being “climate neutral” means reaching a net zero emission balance. This can be achieved by reducing greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible and supplementing the remaining emissions.

We are familiar with renewable energies such as wind and solar, but there are many new solutions for decarbonizing and diversifying EU energy systems. One of them is hydrogen, especially green hydrogen.

NS REFHYNE II The project will build the world’s largest polyelectrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolyte to produce large-scale green hydrogen.

“The electrolytic cell is a device used to split water using renewable energy,” explains Graham Cooley, CEO of ITM and coordinator of the REFHYNE II project. ‘The product you make in the electrolytic cell is green hydrogen. And green hydrogen is a natural zero-net fuel.

The project will develop green hydrogen-based sustainable aviation fuels, expand their production, increase mass production and reduce costs at a location near Cologne, Germany.

“Green hydrogen is a very important factor in the energy transition,” says Coolie. “It’s been noted all over the world that we can’t reach Net Zero without decarbonizing industries that use natural gas. And this is a Net Zero alternative to natural gas.

In summary, 73 projects funded under the European Green Deal Call set Europe on the path to take responsibility for how our activities affect the planet. They also provide the impetus for regaining relationships with nature, young and old.

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73 Solutions to Climate and Biodiversity Crisis – Organ Magazine Blog 73 Solutions to Climate and Biodiversity Crisis – Organ Magazine Blog

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