8 best Android OCR apps for scanning images into text

There are many benefits to getting text from an image, so would you like to digitize all the printed text so that you can keep a soft copy of it? In that case, all you need is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool.

What is OCR technology?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) applications convert handwriting or images to text. These OCR apps are also known as image-to-text converters. The OCR app analyzes files and distinguishes them by character-specific features and fonts stored in the database. Some OCR applications use spell checkers to “guess” unknown words. Achieving 100% accuracy is difficult, but most applications aim for a close estimate.

These image-to-text converters can be a productivity shortcut for researchers, office workers, and students. Now let’s try it and find the OCR application that best suits your needs.

CamScanner app

CamScanner is the best online OCR software and can be used for multiple tasks such as photo text, document scanning, photo conversion to PDF and more. This is one of the obvious choices, especially when set up side by side with other available solutions.

Google Keep

This Google application allows you to keep all your records in your Gmail account. This OCR app allows you to complete tasks and set reminders. In addition to this, you can add search notes, drawings and photos based on automatically created topics.

When you receive this note, you can sync it to your laptop, smartphone, watch or tablet via the Google Keep site or the Chrome app. With Google Keep, you can take a photo with your camera and go to the photo menu in the Google Keep app.[画像のテキストを取得]You can select an option to display the text.


The best Android OCR app Onenote

This Microsoft Android image to text converter is built into Microsoft devices. This OCR app allows you to save OCR files to your cloud account. This cloud storage feature allows you to access any Microsoft device from the cloud every time.

PDF scanner

PDF Scanner is one of the eye-catching OCR applications for Android. This OCR app supports more than 50 languages ​​in different parts of the world and works fluently in all these languages. This OCR app can also convert PDF to image files.

Text fairy

The best part of using this app is that you can identify a range of 50 languages. The application is free and has no ads. You have the option to transfer the extracted data to a text or PDF file.

Google lens

This OCR app is provided by Google itself, which takes the traditional approach of OCR to another level. This Android app allows you to view the details of an object just by looking at it with your phone’s camera, and even quickly translate the text of an image into another language.

Office lens

Best Android OCR App Office Lens

This image to text converter always ensures that this is a certified app that works ideally. In addition to OCR, this application provides a built-in feature called a whiteboard. You can use this feature to trim and clean up shadows and glare. Overall, the app is highly rated by the vast majority of users, although the reviews face critical comments about the name.

Text scanner

The Text Scanner (OCR) application claims to support over 50 languages, including Chinese, Japanese and French. Supports text extraction from images and handwritten text. The application interface has the necessary scanning features such as brightness slider and magnification to capture the text in the most transparent way possible.

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