9 best movies to watch on Netflix before it expires this month

In December, many Netflix movies Leave the streaming service At the end of the month.However, it can be difficult to prioritize what is worth seeing before it expires, especially given the benefits. New arrival Available movies and shows With streaming service. So we are here to help.

Below is a list of nine outstanding movies that will leave Netflix in December. They range from anime epics to dark comedies to inspiring dramas, and if you’re postponing them, they’re all worth checking out. The clock is ticking!

Spider-Man: In Spider Bath

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leave: December 25

If you haven’t seen it Spider-Man: In Spider BathPlease make this priority # 1 before Christmas. This animation feature of Sony Pictures Phil Lord And Chris Miller – The heart behind Lego movie And 21 Jump Street And in general, it turns a decent idea into a great movie.And Spider verse That’s excellent. This movie is about Young Miles MoralesShameik Moore) Being bitten by Spider and becoming Spider-Man, the movie incorporates the concept of the Multiverse as a malicious kingpin (Liev Schreiber) Establish a plan to destroy the structure of the universe. As a result, Miles is an old Peter Parker (Jake Johnson) From another universe that is reluctant, generally in a gloomy place. Other Spider-Man gets caught up in the story because it’s a movie about the idea that everyone can wear a mask. “Spider-Man” is not the planned Monica. If you have the courage and confidence, it is ideal to work hard. , And the means to do so. This movie is absolutely gorgeous as the groundbreaking animation technology incorporates the nature of root story comic books. See this as soon as possible.

Back to the Future Trilogy

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leave: December 31

Now is your chance to revisit one of the best trilogy ever made, or see it for the first time. In the 1985s Back to the future Remains the best of the three, each a stone-cold sci-fi classic Back to the future Movies have their own advantages. Back to the Future Part II It provides an optimistic view of the future adjacent to Wish fulfillment, Back to the Future Part III It is a full-scale western. So be comfortable on the couch and take in all three with your family.

The eternal sun of a stainless heart

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Kate Winslet Jim Carrey
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leave: December 31

If Charlie KaufmanNew Netflix movie Let’s finish it. I don’t recommend his “farewell” movie as it’s a bit too esoteric to your taste The eternal sun of a stainless heart Sufficient.directed by Michel Gondry, Movie star Jim Carrey And Kate Winslet As a estranged couple who chose to erase each other’s memories, but as Carrie’s personality goes through experience and relives memories one by one as they slip through, he begins to regret. There’s a great analog approach to how Gondry visualized this sci-fi story, and Carrie and Winslet’s performance remains great. Kaufman is truly one of the most unique and talented screenwriters in the media. Only he could come up with such a strange but very adorable story.


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leave: December 31

Fargo The proof is positive Joel And Ethan Coen Two of the greatest American filmmakers in history. This 1996 crime thriller is dark, funny, fun and mediocre, and tremendously affectionate at once.The movie is fixed by the stellar performance from Frances McDormand As a gentle-mannered heroine, Marge Ganderson, he finds himself a hearty, wise whiplash law enforcement officer, involved in abduction plans. This is top notch filmmaking at all levels.


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leave: December 31

If you have ignored it so far her This is your chance to make this amazing movie as “that movie where a man falls in love with his cell phone”. This is the story of a man who fell in love with the operating system, but it’s one of the best movies of the 2010s. It’s a story about deeply felt, gorgeous, sorrowful love, loneliness, and what it means to be human on earth. Earth. Joaquin Phoenix Offering incredible lead performance, Scarlett Johansson Magnificent in the role of Samantha’s voice.Cinematography Hoyte van Hoytema Warm and attractive, Arcade fire It’s very moving.This is a movie that always amazes you with how warm, human and empathetic it is, thanks to the writer / director Spike Jonze..

Indiana Jones Franchise

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Harrison Ford Sean Connery
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leave: December 31

If you’re on vacation with your family and want to find something that everyone can enjoy, there’s no doubt. Indiana Jones.. All four movies are on Netflix until the end of the month, Raiders of the Lost Ark And Indiana Jones and the Last Crusaders The best – it offers the same thrill and charm.But if you haven’t revisited Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skulls For a while, now is your chance to do so “for free”.

pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice-2005
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leave: December 31

If you are looking for something romantic to wear, the boy will Joe Wright2005 adaptation of Jane Austenof pride and Prejudice Do the trick. Keira Knightley Leads the film as Elizabeth Bennett, a smart young woman who has a hot and cold relationship with the mysterious Mr. Darcy (acting) Inheritanceof Matthew Macfady). Cinematography and production design are absolutely rich, Dario MarianelliThe score is beautiful and vibrant, but it’s Wright’s actor who really soars this, and Knightley and McFaddin’s match is absolutely amazing.


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leave: December 31

For that proof Ben Affleck You can direct a really good movie, watch his 2010 crime thriller town.. The film follows four lifelong Boston friends who rob a bank, all of which nods. Affleck starred, co-authored, directed, and skillfully combined thrilling action sequences with fascinating character dramas to create thrillers who care deeply about what happens to each individual. Jeremy Renner He was nominated for an Oscar for his inspiring performance, but is still waiting to make a genuine action movie after Affleck did it here.

“Land” Trailer: Robin Wright confronts the Rocky Mountain wilderness and her past

Demián Bichir and Kim Dickens will co-star in the directorial debut of the “House of Cards” actress.

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