9 movies to watch if you like Pixar’s “soul”

Welcome Movie DNAA column that recognizes the direct and indirect roots of both new and classic films. Learn the history of the film, become a more balanced viewer, and enjoy works that share the same aspirations of the past. This entry recommends movies to watch after watching Pixar’s animated feature, Seoul.

My young daughter always asks where she was before she was born.That’s the question she can find the answer to Pixarof soul, This depicts an area called the Great Before, where our psyche develops before our physical life begins.Of course, other recent animation features-ie Boss baby And Stork — I showed her the illusion of where the fully formed baby came from, soul As the director imagines, it provides audiences of all ages with a more mature and existential view of the afterlife and the afterlife. Pete Docter And Kemp Powers And its crew.

As much as the original soul But this movie definitely borrows from the ideas of past movies. And like any other Pixar movie since the studio’s first feature, soul It pays homage not only to its predecessor, but also to other classic films that are not necessarily directly influenced. Below is just a list of some of the titles that have definitely informed the creation of. soul Or it reminded me, one of the viewers, of similar works in the past. As always, there are some other movies that are mentioned as additional recommended viewings. The list also includes bonus recommendations for related TV series. Add them all to your watchlist.

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

As i recommend soul Inside me List of movies to watch later Wonder Woman 1984, I am giving back here. Both films were released on Christmas and also include possession.This year, there was a marked trend in plots of swapping and soul transfer, including horror comedy. Whimsical, Sci-fi movie Possessor, And episodes Lovecraft country..But both soul And Wonder Woman 1984 Specifically, the spirit of the deceased character, whether it’s a cat or a random, stylish 80’s man, follows something that sinks into a body that isn’t his own. Not everyone likes Wonder Woman’s sequel, but at least I don’t recommend a movie where Kevin Spacey’s mind is trapped in a cat’s body.

Inside Out (2015) and Coco (2017)

soul It’s Pixar’s ninth feature in six years and the fourth non-sequel.Outside Good dinosaurs, These original features seem to indicate that the studio is in an existential kick.In this era Inside out, This was also held soul Co-director (and now studio head) Pete Docter..favorite soul, It is a story of two realms, the physical human world and the metaphysical psychological realm of the girl’s emotions full of abstractions. Two years later, Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina Here He took us from the real-world streets of Mexico to the land of the dead. The interpretation of the world after death is soul.. Combining the two reveals the concept behind the new movie.I didn’t include this year Or later, It also deals with the resurrection of the deceased, as it does not fit well with the other three.

Ray (2002)

If you need a movie about or involving jazz musicians in general, I recommend some: Spike Lee’s Mobetter Bruce, Basil Diaden All night, Adapt Othello To the world of jazz, Bertrand Tavernier’s ‘Round Midnight, Some biographies here and there, bird, And maybe some documentaries too. But that’s just a list of great jazz movies.Oscar-nominated 2010 animation feature Chico & Rita At least I’m following a jazz pianist who’s struggling, but it’s still difficult to associate that movie with soul.. on the other hand, Ray Probably too easy a recommendation.Biography of the star of Ray Charles, a pianist and singer-songwriter Jamie Foxx It’s too perfect to miss, given that Foxx plays the main character of a jazz pianist in an Oscar-winning performance. soul..

Protect your death (1991)

Albert Brooks starred in his own film about a man who saves his life after he died in a car accident and arrived in some purgatory territory. The idea is that your decision is literally made in a court of justice, where everyone must claim enough time on earth to ascend to heaven. Or reborn to try the whole life again.To Interview with Docter and Powers and producer Dana Murray for , Drew Taylor grows Protect your life, Docter responds:

“It’s a great example of death humor, Albert Brooks is great, and I think they did a good job in making that film … there’s a lot of explanation, it’s always funny, and they’re past Going to the life pavilion or they are looking at an example of his life, so it presents us in our film with lightness and playfulness many things that could be doctrine. I gave hope that I could do the same thing that I could do. “

Check out the rest of the interview for further discussion of impacts, including Frank Capra It’s a wonderful life Charles Dickens Christmas carolI like both soul And Protect your life Includes watching a flashback of a person’s life (“These two are these weird pairs and the opposite movie pair,” says Docter. “I forgot how dark it was. “, Powers adds about Capra’s holiday favorites. The doctor also mentions the 1978 movie. Heaven can wait, I’ll talk about this soon.

9 movies to watch if you like Pixar’s “soul”

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