91% of gaming industry revenue in 2020 was digital

The future of all-digital has been in the PC for the last few years, and for better or for worse, other parts of the industry are catching up. In 2020, 91% of the industry’s US $ 174.9 billion in revenue came from digital sales, up from 79% in 2019.

According to data collected from Newzoo for, the industry has earned $ 158 billion through digital spending across PC, console and mobile titles. That figure of $ 128.6 billion comes solely from in-game spending, resulting in total game digital revenue of $ 29.4 billion. That’s about twice the $ 14.9 billion that physics games brought in 2020.

These numbers are up from a total of $ 148.8 billion in 2019. That year, PC and console revenue totaled $ 77.1 billion, of which $ 61 billion was digital. Mobile games remain the industry’s largest pie, accounting for 46% of 2019 revenue and 49% of 2020 (PC games account for 22% of 2020 revenue and console games account for 29%. I have). It’s all-digital, and most of the reason numbers disproportionately support digital spending.

In the console market alone, where digital and physical are still really considered, 28% of revenue comes from boxed retail sales. It’s far from the death secret of retail games, but the long period of nervous sweating for physical collectors lasts until 2021.

The best PC games, to be fair, remain in the Steam library while the platform is running.

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