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In the two weeks of the book we reached a peak overreaction season Fantasy football Managers are ready to rescue talented players and make trade-offs. The Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer helps managers find potential targets who may press the panic button in the third week. In addition, highlight the players you want to sell before production declines.

Inadequate opening performance is shifting the story, so these players have the potential to become potential trade targets before the start of the third week’s game.

Christian Maca Free, Carolina Panthers

You see, I’ve never said that I would shop at Dollar General. Sometimes when you trade fantasy football you have to make a big swing. Nothing is bigger than pulling one apart for Christian McCaffrey, the best player in fantasy football. Before Thursday Night Football, this was basically impossible and required the liver, the firstborn, and perhaps your soul. What a mess, but I might have been turned down!

But injuries change everything. In the second quarter, McCaffrey suffered a hamstring injury of unknown severity. After losing CMC in 13 games last season, the manager may have a hangover today. The image of Austin Ekeller in 2020 comes to mind. He missed a long time last year due to a serious hamstring injury.

The Panthers have given McCaffrey a tremendous amount of work (almost 30 touches per game). He is undoubtedly RB1 when he is in the field. Send a message to the current manager who has McCaffrey to see if he can win him for about 80% of his transaction value. The manager may be panicking.

In just the third week, there are still 14 games. Yes, McCaffrey misses time and the severity of the injury is not yet known, but McCaffrey may come back someday. When he does, he quickly returns to number one place, making his fantasy team infinitely better and instantly a competitor.

Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis Colts

There is no denying that Jonathan Taylor was disappointed in 2021. He was named in the Top 5 in many 1QB formats after the ridiculous end of the 2020 season and finished as RB3 from 11-17 weeks (23.1 points per game). ). Taylor rushed through this stretch at 741 yards (123.5 per game), scoring a total of eight touchdowns.

So far, he has an average of only 12 PPR points per game for the RB24 as a whole. So far, Taylor has made 32 trials at 107 yards and caught 7 out of 8 targets at 62 yards.But things Will Get better.

Taylor has an average of 20 opportunities per game, but is ranked as one of the worst RBs in terms of expected fantasy points. This is because he couldn’t find the end zone even though he was drawn to the league leader in Red Zone Carry (12). Seven of them come from inside the 10-yard line. Even with Marlon Mack and Naiheim Hines on the roster, Taylor still accounts for 88.9% of Colts’ Red Zone Rush.

Taylor gets out of a difficult match against Rams, but from the third week he goes into a very RB-friendly stretch with Tennessee. Given his usage, expect Taylor to retreat aggressively. This is the perfect time to trade with him before his explosion.

George Kittle, San Francisco 49ers

The tight end is a small number of selected outer wastelands. George Kittle is one of them, but he hasn’t produced it as a top-class option this season. Kitol is TE12 overall, but finished TE26 in the second week, during which time only 13.3% of the target share was seen. Despite Brandon Aiyuk’s complete no-show in the San Francisco attack, his lack of involvement arose.

Kitol is still one of the best tight ends in fantasy, with the top three up every week. The 49ers attack becomes more dynamic only when Trey Lance finally takes over under the center.

Rondale Moore, Arizona Cardinals

Normally, you don’t trade for a newcomer to get out of the hot game.However, you can do that when you think of the player It only goes up in value — and that’s where we are with Rondale Moore.

Moore became ballistic in the second week after catching four times with five targets of 68 yards in the first week. He posted 7 receptions with 8 targets of 114 yards. Moore leads the Cardinals at 13 ahead of DeAndre Hopkins, Christian Kirk and AJ Green.

Players to trade off

With solid games under their belts and the positive stories that surround them, these players could be sales candidates if you’re looking for maximum returns.

Devin Singletary, Buffalo Bills

Devin Single Tally is the perfect sales trading candidate for the third week. He has been RB16 for two weeks and his first job has been locked down. The single tally has a highly efficient 154 yards and 24 TD carries, adding 5 receptions to 8 targets of 17 yards.

However, after a surprise scratch in the first week, Zack Moss made a big comeback in the second week. In his second year back, he scored 10 touches with just 18 attack snaps, finding the end zone twice as Buffalo’s main goalline runner.

If both Singletary and Moss are active, each cancels the other upside. I’m looking to move away from the single tally, especially as Bills is set to take on the defense of the talented Washington Football Team in the third week.

Marvin Jones, Jacksonville Jaguars

Marvin Jones is Jacksonville’s best WR and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration. He leads Jaguar in Target (20), Reception (11), Yard (132), Touchdown (2), Snap (116) and Air Yard (281). Correspondingly, Jones is leading Jacksonville’s wide receiver corps from a fantasy perspective as WR16 (18.1 PPR).

But as the season progresses, it’s possible to see rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence develop a better match with DJ Chark and Lavis Cashenor, but Jones sees his target share begin to decline. Is done. It’s okay to trade Jones for a more stable WR3 range player with a better attack.

Rob Gronkowski, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

We all enjoy seeing Rob Gronkowski doing vintage Gronkowski in the field, so we all know that this may not work for everyone. But is it sustainable to have two touchdowns per game? I don’t think so — but I guarantee that someone else in your fantasy league will.

Gronkowski averages 6 catches and 64.5 yards per game, so as these touchdowns begin to diminish, the value of his fantasy can begin to diminish. In addition, Tom Brady began targeting Mike Evans in the end zone at some point, robbing Gronkowski of some of those upside opportunities he enjoyed during his career. While Gronkowski is riding this hot streak towards the third week, it makes sense to sell highs on deals involving Gronkowski.

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A better day for Jonathan Taylor A better day for Jonathan Taylor

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