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A big exchange on the big problems of the earth

The founder of the magazine Big Issue, launched in 1991 by homeless people to sell and earn a legitimate income, launched an investment platform that provides individuals with the opportunity to invest in funds that make a positive contribution to the planet. It was.

Big exchangeThe mission is to “take more care of everyone’s money” and “make a positive social and environmental difference with their money without sacrificing economic interests”. Insist.

Big Exchange is an online marketplace operated by top fund managers that provides access to 36 funds that have a positive social and environmental impact. Investment fund managers participating in the Big Exchange include Aberdeen Standard, Columbia Red Needle, Alliance Burstein, Alkiti, Lion Trust, Pictet Asset Management, Nordia Asset Management, Quilter, Stewart Investors, Tortoise, Union Banke Aprive, Includes WHEB Asset Management.

The investment products offered are ISA, Junior ISA, and General Investment Accounts. A self-invested individual annuity (Sipp) will be launched shortly.

Investors can choose between off-the-shelf bundles (fund packages), adventurous, balanced, or careful evaluations. You can choose your own fund.

The fund, called the Medal Fund, is independently evaluated for its positive contributions to people and the planet, and medals are awarded. The gold, silver, or bronze valuation of medals is a big exchange on how individual holdings within each fund contribute to the internationally agreed United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”). Applies based on analysis. There are 17 global goals with action in 2030 to end poverty, protect the planet and enable all to enjoy peace and prosperity.

The minimum investment is £ 25 per month. Investing in ISA is up to £ 20,000 each year, investing in JISA is £ 9,000, and then there is a general investment account option, without tax deductions.

The annual service and administration fee is 0.25%. There are also different fund manager fees depending on the fund you invest in, usually between 0.8% and 1.8% per year.

Nigel Car Show OBE, Chairman of The Big Issue Group, said: “We have created the Big Issue to transform the financial system and provide the opportunity for everyone with savings to invest in funds that bring economic benefits. Plus to the world around them. Impact. Through the tragic covid-19 crisis, more and more people want to make more money for both today and future generations. “

Jill Jackson, The Managing Director of Big Exchange added: “We will launch a big exchange so that people can save better. We encourage everyone to do better for themselves while doing better for society and the planet. For the first time, investors will have access to active investments managed by key fund managers and will be awarded medals independently to the extent that they have a positive impact on people and the planet. “

Campbell Fleming, The director of the Big Exchange said: “The asset management community involved in the Big Exchange has a collective ambition to give the UK people access to positive impact investments while aiming to improve their economic future. Joins co-founders, partners and supporters to join Aberdeen Standard Investments, starting with the UK’s first actively managed social, environmental and impact investing platform to create a meaningful social impact movement. I am proud to be able to participate. “

Kaingram, Chartered Financial Planner and Director of Public Policy for Financial Planner LEBC “It’s a good idea to help children recognize ESG principles, and equity and equity savings are profitable, pursuing and investing in valuable social impacts while caring for the planet. Companies treat their suppliers, staff and clients ethically. There are many fund managers who have adopted these principles and have many options for those seeking ethical investment. Many choices should be good for consumers.

“Many families will spend Christmas separately this year, which can make it difficult to deliver Christmas gifts. An app that helps replenish savings accounts and help kids manage their money. Buying a stake can be a practical answer to this question. Investing in stocks and stocks is less popular than cash ISA, and adults spend more than 80% of their ISA savings on stocks and stocks. Investing in cash instead. If this initiative introduces a new generation to the compound interest effect of dividend growth, cash savings will be while very low base rates and few best buy savings accounts comparable to inflation. That’s a good thing because it’s set to lose money. “

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A big exchange on the big problems of the earth A big exchange on the big problems of the earth

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